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Back at the Spanish restaurant, Michael has apparently gotten the mariachi band to come over and play happy birthday for Whatshername, and she gets a little cupcake or something with a candle on it. I guess it's very nice of him. What would be even nicer would be if he could make an effort not to look so damn uncomfortable. Commercials.

Speaking of uncomfortable, here's "Dr." Dean walking Kate to her front door, and I really hope he hasn't been ranting about doctors this whole time, as here he's railing about how most sports-related surgeries aren't even necessary, but doctors aren't in the habit of referring patients to chiropractors, what with them being the competition and all. Kate calls the whole thing "interesting," and if she's lying, I can't tell. She says she'd invite "Dr." Dean in, but she needs to prep for a deposition and she also has a headache coming on. "Dr." Dean's all, well, I'd be no help with the deposition, but how about I use my chiropractic "training" as an excuse to put my hands all over you even though this is just a first date? He rubs her neck, causing Kate to go all Herbal Essences again. He suggests that if she lies down, he could apply a lot more "pressure." She calls it "tempting," but suggests another time. So he tells her to take a hot shower before bed, "doctor's orders," and she promises she will. He leans in and plants a sloppy kiss on her, and when they finally come up for air, she says she might need a cold shower. He laughs and says good night, and she watches him walk away with a half-happy, half-confused look on her face.

Later, while she's working on her deposition, the phone rings. It's Michael, making the they're-actually-destined-for-each-other late-night phone call. She asks how dinner went, and he calls it "festive," and of course Kate doesn't know what the hell he's talking about, and he says that they talked about each other's work, and the fact they're both 29. "I thought she was 28," says Kate. "She was. Yesterday," says Michael. It's "sweet" to Kate that Whatshername went out with Michael on her birthday. Michael says it's weird, and that Whatshername is strange too, which is a little harsh, if you ask me. She seemed really nice. Then this: "Second date?" "Not happening?" "Gotcha." I hate fake only-on-television phone calls like that. Since Birthday Girl's been shot down, Kate says she has someone else she's "working with" and outlines Serena's good qualities, of which there are many, but the first thing Michael wants to know is when her birthday is. "Not any time soon, I promise," says Kate. She says she'll be in touch. And they tell each other to have "sweet dreams" and hang up.

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