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A point-of-view camera with throbbing disco music takes us from the elevator through the Jerrold Fox & Associates office, with various men rendered awestruck by the sight of what is obviously the Hot Nanny. She's so hot, even women are transfixed (the UPS deliverywoman's jaw drops, sending her pencil to the floor). Claire is dumbstruck too, when the Hot Nanny, whose name is Rebecca Hanley, strides up to the reception desk. And I just have to say, Hot Nanny? Not that hot. I mean, she's not ugly or anything -- in fact, she's quite pretty. We're supposed to get "hotness" from her pink trench coat over top of her calf-high boots, I suppose, but Hot Nanny can get in line behind Serena, Kate, Victoria, and Birthday Girl on this episode alone. Hot Nanny tells Claire she's here for her deposition.

Claire scurries to get Jerrold and Kate, and says, "From one straight woman to another, you gotta see this nanny." You know, the "you gotta see this nanny" line was old the second time we heard it, and since we've already checked out the goods, it's just annoying.

Jerrold makes Hot Nanny understand that she's not a party to the action but a material witness, and is required to tell the truth. Since he's somewhat fawning, I prepare myself for much eye-rolling from Kate the entire time. Hot Nanny understands. She does. So Mrs. Donovan's lawyer begins the questioning, and establishes that Hot Nanny was hired by Mrs. Donovan about nine months ago, and has had sex with Mr. Donovan. "I'm not proud of it," she says, but yes, it was consensual. Jerrold then asks her if Rebecca ever had sex with Mrs. Donovan, and Rebecca's all, "Of course not," and then Jerrold asks if she knows of any extramarital affairs Mrs. Donovan might have had with "the pool man," for example. "Pool boy," I can see, but doesn't "pool man" bring up thoughts of Walter Matthau in Bad News Bears? Anyway, even though Rebecca wasn't with Mrs. Donovan every waking second, she finds it hard to believe she would cheat. "It's hard to imagine it. I have nothing against Mrs. Donovan, but the woman is a bore." So much for that.

Nick's walking through the lobby of the office building, where he passes by Hot Nanny pleading with a security guard to help her change a flat tire on her car just up the street. And since this show has taken great pains to establish what a knockout the nanny is, it's kind of weird that they make the guard totally immune to her charms. Fortunately, Nick's all too happy to help, and when she complains that her auto club card ran out just two weeks, he explains that as a public service he provides roadside assistance to "all stunningly beautiful auto club members." Hot Nanny's a sucker for flattery, I guess, for off she goes with Nick.

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