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The Love Bandit

Out in the hallway, Jenna apologizes to Kate for the answering machine message thing. "We’re not going to win this case, are we?" she asks. Kate makes sympathetic noises, but doesn't totally disagree. Coincidentally, the ladies run into Karl strolling out of the men's room. "Call me," he breathes at Jenna's neck. Kate looks grossed out.

Shortly thereafter, Kate gets a call from Joanna's dad, Morty Gold. He explains that he's calling to apologize about the other night, but Kate assures him that Judy is "oversensitive." Morty doesn't mind, he says, because that Judy Schiff's "got moxie." Kate's taking in this moxie comment when Ramon comes sliding up to her with something to tell her. Morty's still yapping, saying that he'd like to make it up to Judy. Kate, checking out Ramon, asks if she can call him back. "Sure. Gold's of Beverly Hills," Morty tells her. Kate wrinkles up her nose. "Isn't that a shoe store?" she asks. "Yeah, I own it," Morty responds. What's that I smell? Why, it's love for Morty and Judy. Love, and all-leather uppers. My very favorite smell in the world. Anyway. Ramon: he can't find the Elusive Bridget of the Brentwood Condo. Kate whines that she's totally going to lose this case without Bridget's testimony. Kate? Sweetie? Love your amber pin, but don't you think you should have gotten your star witness lined up, I don't know, BEFORE THE DAY OF THE TRIAL?

Back in the courtroom, Helene the Real Estate Agent testifies. Blah blah courtroom blah. We're running out of time for love, with all this lawyer hoo-ha going on!

Out in the hallway -- and don't ask how she got from the courtroom back to the hallway, and let's just assume the court is recessed -- Kate calls Judy and tells her to get her pretty little ass down to Gold's, because they're having the shoe sale of all time. Man, this girl knows how to multi-task. When Kate looks up from her off-duty matchmakery, she sees Karl and Real Estate Agent Helene Having a Moment at the drinking fountain. "Oh my God," Kate breathes, and swiftly dials Ramon, telling him that she needs him to check something for her.

And the next thing you know, Kate's all questioning Helene the Real Estate Agent in the courtroom, and yes, Helene was the "Bridget" in question, and yes, she had a thing with Karl, and, yes, it was very traumatizing for her and blah blah blah, love hurts.

Gold's. Morty. Judy. Manolo Blahnik. True love.

Back in the courtroom, Karl is found guilty, and ordered to pay Jenna fifteen thousand for the whole tickets fiasco and an additional hundred grand for emotional distress. Jenna looks fairly thrilled, and Kate looks like she just found a pair of Jimmy Choos at Ross for fifteen bucks.

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Miss Match




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