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On the way outside, Jenna admits to Kate that she feels pretty stupid. "There are so many great men out there," Kate says, in the most amusing line of the night. "I don't want you to become jaded because of this one sociopath. I hope you'll let me set you up again." She swiftly adds that she's going to make sure to run complete background checks from here on out, but Jenna isn't really listening. She's watching Karl and Half Pint canoodle on the lawn. And she is disgusted! Do you hear me? Disgusted! I don’t know. I think Kate should at least offer Jenna a freebie to make up for, I don't know, the court costs, legal fees, and emotional drama and trauma.

So finally, finally, Kate gets to go on her date with Michael. And she is wearing an utterly phenomenal black sequined cocktail dress that I want very, very badly. Michael doesn't say anything about how spectacular she looks, though, and just leans in and kisses her cheek. He looks a little distracted, and tells her they have "a slight complication." The friend he helped him? She's having a tough time emotionally and tagged along for a drink. Kate looks somewhat taken aback, as well she should, because, seriously, dude? Don't bring a chaperone on your first date. Especially another girl. Michael swears she's only going to stay for one drink, and Kate assures him, kindly, that she understands. "I think I told you about her once. She's my ex," Michael says. Bringing the ex on the first date? I think I understand why Michael needed a matchmaker now. "Wait, the one who married your best friend? THAT ex?" Kate asks. Yes, that ex. This keeps getting better and better. And there she is. And it's Lauren. Lauren and Kate stare at each other for a moment. "Kate's my new lawyer," Lauren finally tells Michael. "Really?" Michael asks. And then everyone just stares at each other as we go to credits. Hmm, this might be a problem.

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Miss Match




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