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The Love Bandit

Fox and Associates. Kate tells Jenna that she wants to go over their testimony, because Karl is clever and Kate doesn't want to lose this case. Let's just not get into how fast and loose this show is about law and the legal practice, because…well, we'd be here all day, and I'm not watching it for lawyerly shenanigans as much as I am for light romantic comedy. It's really the perfect Saturday morning hangover show. Thank God for TiVo. Anyway, Jenna hesitantly announces that she doesn't know if she wants to testify. "Excuse me?" Kate squeaks, and hustles her into her office, where she tells Jenna that, without her testimony, they have no case. Jenna sniffles that maybe Karl just wanted to be alone to dispose of his wife's ashes. "Dr. Fuller, wake up," Kate says gently. "There were no ashes. Because there was no wife. He lied to you." Kate continues, telling Jenna that Karl came back from Hawaii with another woman, and says that if they don't stop him, he's going to continue to "destroy women's lives." Jenna sniffs and thinks about it, then agrees to go through with it. "I'm sorry," Kate says, very sweetly. "I'll be okay," Jenna sobs and leaves the office, pushing past Jerry. "Love Bandit victim?" he asks, and Kate nods. He announces that he needs to see her in his office…

…where Lauren agrees to retain them and talks them down ten percent on their hourly rate. She tells them this is a complicated case and she needs all their help. "I want to take this family for everything they're worth," she says.

So Kate walks Lauren to the elevator, doing her "thanks for choosing Fox and Associates" banter. Lauren turns and smiles at her and says that she really likes her. "You seem very competent and like someone I could be friends with," she says. Kate smiles and tells Lauren to feel free to call her, any time, about anything. "I might take you up on that," Lauren says, as she gets in the elevator. I do like that this show, while ostensibly about romance and whatnot, does put a nice emphasis on female friendships. It's hard enough to be single. A girl needs her girlfriends.

Later, Ramon and Kate are tooling around town, and he tells her that he thinks Karl got a woman to front the down payment for his Brentwood condo and then sold it right under her nose, running off with the cash. "Do you have any idea how much I despise this man?" Kate asks. Ramon is agreeing when Kate gets a call: it's Michelle, and her date with Joanna -- a.k.a. Lesbian Four -- was amazing. The only downside is how pleased her mother will be, she says. In fact, she and her mother are having lunch with Joanna in mere hours, and Michelle will be sure to call back with the scoop. Kate is thrilled. "So, when are you gonna hook me up?" Ramon wonders after she signs off. "You don't need my help, Ramon," Kate says. Ramon makes a face like, "The broad has a point."

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Miss Match




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