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This episode starts off with about five hours' worth of "previously on Miss Match" scenes that basically amount to many people acting like jackasses. I get up, go for a walk, practise my guitar for a little while, fix a snack, come back in, and finally the show is about to get underway. Kate's stomping around the office; because she is such a professional, she is venting her anger at Michael all over the office. She comes into Nick's office and yells at him because her computer is broken or some such, and Nick says, "Frustration noted," and then asks if she could have been any crankier over the past twenty-four hours, and it looks to me like she still is cranky, so Nick might want to be careful with the snide comments. And Kate seems to be shocked that someone would call her out on being such a wench, so Nick says he understands, since Kate thought she was going to "transcend the sexual sands of time with Michael" WHATEVER THAT MEANS at a beach hotel, even though when Kate left the office for the weekend, Nick called her "mystery girl" since he had no idea what she was doing, and I guess this means that Kate has since filled him in, which makes tons of sense considering that she was supposed to be keeping her little indiscretions with Michael discreet, and even if she wasn't supposed to be keeping this a secret, I can't think of anything more annoying than co-workers who inflict their sordid personal lives on you while you're trying to get your work done. Kate sarcastically thanks him for the walk down "memory lane" and Nick says, "Hey, I've suffered enough." Heh. Nick tells her to pick up the phone and return any one of the twenty-nine messages Michael left for her, like, what kind of stalker is Michael anyway, and Kate snits that she left a message for Michael at his job, but admits it was at 1 AM. Even still, she thinks that's the extent of her obligations. Then she whines because she can't believe she has to sit in a room with Lauren and pretend like nothing's happened. If she doesn't improve her attitude, Miss Grundy is going to send her straight to see Mr. Weatherbee.

In a meeting room, Kate and Nick and Jerrold and Lauren are, well, meeting, going over their case, with Kate saying the evidence supports their position that Lauren is responsible for the growth of Mother Earth Footwear, and Nick adds that her husband ditching her a month before he received his statement of equity in the company will be seen as a bad-faith decision to keep Lauren from her fair share of the company. Jerrold chimes in with "rehabilitative alimony" and "the whole enchilada." Nick calls it a "Robin Hood divorce for the holidays," and Lauren says that's good, considering how stressed she's been, so thank god she got away for the weekend, and of course she looks right at Kate, and an oblivious Jerrold says that's great and asks her where she went and Lauren says "Laguna Beach" and starts gushing about the service there. Then she asks Kate what she did over the weekend, and Nick looks uncomfortable as well, and Kate says she was just working, and Lauren breezily praises her dedication.

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