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Daddy dearest

Kate and Victoria are at some outdoor organic market featuring such specific stands as the olive stand and the peach stand, and naturally they know all the vendors' names, as I suppose everybody in L.A. has a personal organic olive guy. Kate and Victoria's olive guy is named Emil, and his thick Italian accent adds an "-a" to pretty much every word he says, and he hands over calamata olives for Kate (Emil calls her "gorgeous") and some kind of olives that I didn't catch for Victoria (known to Emil as "beautiful"). He's about half an inch shy of proclaiming the spiciness of various meatballs, but thankfully doesn't.

Kate and Victoria are wrapped up in Kate's nonexistent love life, with Victoria wondering why Kate never talks about Bryan, last seen driving away at top speed from Kate and a colour-coordinated suitcase. Of course, they were in a residential zone, so top speed wasn't very fast, and the drama of the moment was somewhat hindered by Michael having to stop at a stop sign, which had to be there so Kate didn't have to break up with him by diving out of a moving car, although I would have given the episode a higher grade if she had.

And Kate's blah-blahing about moving on, which leads Victoria to ask about Michael, and in case Kate doesn't know who that is, Victoria actually calls him "the dreamy architect," and I didn't know that women whose names aren't Betty and Veronica actually discuss men and use the word "dreamy." Kate says she can't go after Michael since she's supposed to be fixing him up, leading Victoria to wonder if Kate took some sort of "matchmaker's oath," and I have to admit, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me that Kate is a bigger stickler for cupid ethics than she is for her actual job. Of course, she does seem unsure whether it's okay for her to "skim off the top" of the heap of great guys she's going to be helping out.

Fortunately, Kate sidesteps her moral dilemma by saying that, since she's only been broken up for a week, she shouldn't be seeing anybody, which didn't occur to her when she was harassing Jolene Dixon in the washroom minutes after finalizing her divorce. Kate claims that her only focus is on fixing Michael up, so Victoria wonders about Laurel, "that producer chick," since it was while hunting for a man for Laurel that Kate met Michael in the first place. But Kate says the two of them would be completely wrong, what with Michael being a sweet guy, and Laurel being a complete bitch and all (or, as Kate puts it, "Type A and then some") and needing someone who can get her to "lighten up."

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