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Daddy dearest

Over at the Kopy King, Aaron is wearing his short-sleeved shirt and a tie while doing various copy-store duties when Kate walks in. Since Aaron is a central-casting "slacker," he says things like "What's up?" instead of hello. He steels himself for Kate's news, and by "steels himself" I mean "stares blankly." Kate can barely contain herself. "Congratulations," she squeaks. "You're a dad!" Aaron is either deeply anguished, ambivalent, or ecstatic. It's hard to tell with him. Certainly, Kate hasn't noticed that Aaron isn't exactly doing cartwheels around the Kopy King, and she tells him she's already been in touch with Marla's lawyer to arrange for immediate visitation. And she's a little surprised when Aaron doesn't think that's a good idea. He's going to let Marla's fiancé adopt the baby so the kid can grow up in a nice home and have a regular life. Kate decides to cross right over from "lawyer" to "buttinsky" and asks him, "Who's to say what's a regular life?" Aaron's wondering if he should have even started this whole process in the first place. Kate's jaw actually drops. "Aaron, don't let her manipulate you!" Damn right, Kate! That's your job! She gives him a lot of hoo-hah about how neither Marla nor Aaron himself knows what kind of dad Aaron will be, and she asks him to let her arrange at least one visit. "See how it goes, how it feels. Then decide." He ponders this a moment, and by "ponders" I mean "looks blank." Then he says he has to get back to work. Damn right. Lousy goldbricker. That copier's not going to unjam itself.

Commercials. I used to think I was a pretty happy guy, but that was before I realized I don't own a bleach pen.

Dateless Saturday Night. Kate shows up at the Only Bar, makes a big show of fighting her way through a teeming throng of people, and is all freaked out by the time she gets up to the bar. "What's all this?" she asks Victoria. "It's all you! What did you do?" screeches Victoria. I would like to ask a few questions myself. Chief among them: Have you ever been in a bar on a Saturday night? This is not that busy. And second, if you thought the place was going to be dead, why would you go there for your fun night out? Anyway, Kate says she only told five people, and we get a lesson in phone trees or something when Victoria theorizes that those five people must have told others, and then we get this inane bit where Kate doesn't believe Victoria, so she snags some guy and asks him if there's some sort of party going on, and he says it's a singles thing: Dateless Saturday Night. "Ha!" says Victoria, and I guess the good people of L.A. jumped at the chance to attend a singles event, since they're so rare and all.

Peachy strolls through the crowd and puts his arms around Laurel, who didn't know he was coming. He says Kate just called him a few hours ago, and Laurel looks a little mystified, and I guess Peachy must have figured that Kate was hosting two parties tonight -- the dateless one she invited him to earlier, and this one.

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