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Daddy dearest

Somehow Fox Daddy has found out about the party, and he sidles up to Kate and wonders if he's got everything figured out: her friend Laurel pays her to improve Laurel's love life, Kate calls a few friends, and the result is this last-minute crazy party? Kate, practically drunk already, says that's correct. Jerrold calls it an "untapped cash cow" and says Kate needs to formalize it. Ah, one of his trademark changes of heart! But Kate decides to get smart, and asks, "What about my hard-assed boss, who expects me to be lawyering eighty hours a week to pay for his pretty little offices?" Am I nuts, or did they work this all out at the end of last week? Well, whatever. Jerrold spells it out: "Well, I expect he'll just take his cut and turn a blind eye."

And in what I guess is supposed to constitute the drama in this week's offering, Michael's arriving at the party, kissing Laurel on the cheek and talking about leaving a message on her phone, wondering about doing something. And he can't help but notice a suspicious Peachy looking at him, and a flustered Laurel introduces them. Peachy's either glaring at Michael or checking him out. Not the strongest of performances from this week's guest stars, I have to say. Michael extricates himself by going for a drink, giving Peachy the chance to grill Laurel. "What's the deal?" he says. "Are you seeing that guy also?" And stuff like that, as Laurel first tries to pretend there's nothing going on, then just says she and Michael went on a couple of dates, and she didn't even know she and Peachy had an actual thing, it's only been a week, and so forth. And Peachy, with all the emotion he can muster (slightly above comatose), points out that she's "slept over" about four times, like he's estimating here, and says he guesses it didn't mean anything. "Don't say that!" says Laurel. "Fine. And here I think I'm falling for ya." And he smirks or something and walks away.

And it looks like Gabby and Peter were invited to the singles night as well, but Peter informs Gabby that he only stopped by to tell her his passive-aggressive days are over, and she can barely say "good for you" for scanning the crowd for guys slightly less dweeby-looking than her soon-to-be-ex-husband. For starters, says Peter, he's taking the house: "And I'd just appreciate you getting all your crap out of it tomorrow so I can get on with my life." Now it's Gabby's turn to give a shocked "Ex-cuse me?" And in this supposedly way overcrowded bar, Fox Daddy and Kate manage to hear and see everything as the two of them bicker their way right on out of the bar. Kate grabs Nick, who is lying to some woman about six inches taller than he is about how much he loves Pilates ("I just Pilateed this morning," he explains). Nick makes a joke about Kate trying to get him alone, but the first thing I noticed was that I have never seen quite that many buttons on a shirt before. Kate tells him they're looking for Peter and Gabby, "before they kill each other." But they locate Peter and Gabby, and they're not killing each other; they're making out on a bench. Kate starts cooing, saying she knew they were a good couple, but the charming Nick says that this is just "a prelude to a bye-bye bang." Nick gets their attention long enough for Peter to demonstrate that he has become Assertive Again by calling off the divorce, and Kate teases Nick with a sing-song, "You saved a marriage." "Take that back!" yells a clearly dismayed Nick. Oh, all right. Heh. And nothing says marital bliss like steel drums, which take us into the next scene.

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