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Daddy dearest

Kate's telling Marla's lawyer that she appreciates the "expedited schedule" and she knows Aaron does too. But the lawyer harrumphs that it's against her better judgment since Nick couldn't even attend the meeting, which Kate attributes to a "work emergency." "What, did they run out of three-holed paper?" says Marla. Now that was funny, but Kate wonders why she doesn't ease up on him. Is "ease up on him" some sort of legal thing? And finally, someone tells Kate to mind her own business. Undaunted, Kate lectures her on how Aaron just wants to do the right thing, and Marla and her lawyer stomp off under such a withering attack.

Turns out the "work emergency" was a cover-up on Kate's part, as she is now leaving messages for Aaron, identifying herself as his attorney, "who just totally went to bat for you," like, maybe he's not returning her calls because he can't believe he hired a lawyer who talks like a Valley Girl. After she explains that Aaron's son is going to be coming over for a visit, her phone beeps, and it's Laurel, whining about how Peachy left without saying goodbye and is now not answering his phone. Apparently not in the mood for this, Kate gives Laurel a good tongue-lashing of her own, telling Laurel that if she wants Peachy back, she's going to have to work for it, and she hangs up.

Then she goes for coffee with Michael and lies to his face by apologizing and saying that she didn't know about the whole situation, but he's doing his I'm-a-way-cool-and-understanding-guy routine and says things weren't really happening anyway, which is I guess what you might say if you're interested in someone and think things are going somewhere, only to find out she's been eating peaches on the side. And he says that when things "click," he'll know. Kate asks when things last clicked for him, and he says when he was at Stanford, and launches into a story about how he managed to fall in love with a Berkeley student at a football game. Kate gets all doe-eyed as he talks about this, and she's all, "You were in love!" because -- get this -- Michael used to make the supreme sacrifice of taking a bus after his car broke down. Anyway, since he's had the real thing, he knows pretty quickly when it's not there. And the Cliff Notes version is that they broke up after university because she wanted to get married and he didn't, so that kind of makes me wonder about his blah-blahing about how he's had the real thing. And then she wound up marrying his best friend, even. "So I guess that makes me a matchmaker too!" he says, and they both laugh at his annoying little joke.

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Miss Match




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