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Daddy dearest

Kate's awakened by Ramon, who has called to ask her if she's still looking for "that long-haired rocker dude," and meanwhile Ramon is RIGHT THERE with Aaron, so I would hope Ramon knows that Kate is looking for Aaron, since I don't think private investigators spend a lot of time finding people on spec, and Aaron is in some sort of fish-packing plant and he explains that he took a second job, and Kate tells him about the visit, which Aaron wants to push back until noon because he won't get paid unless he finishes this shift, so Kate whiningly agrees, and the whole time Aaron is looking off-screen like he's reading his lines from cue cards. "But Aaron, please. Noon," says Kate.

The next day, Kate's hammering on Aaron's front door, with the ever-helpful Marla and Marla's lawyer whining the whole time, with the lawyer saying they should just let the court work out a visitation schedule, but Kate says that could take weeks. At any rate, Aaron finally opens the door, and he's covered in paint. Marla tells him that he looks like hell, and I'm kind of starting to wonder what he ever saw in this insufferable harpy in the first place. Aaron just says he was in the back, and invites them in. Marla's lawyer looks disdainfully around the house, even though it's actually pretty good for the long-haired rocker slob he's been made out to be, and Marla finally hands over Tyler to Aaron, telling Aaron to support Tyler's head. Kate beams. Meanwhile, someone cranks up the Coldplay, while Marla says Aaron better have diapers, and wanders off -- right into a brand-new, fully stocked nursery. Aaron finally cracks a smile as he looks at his cute widdle baby, and he thanks Kate. Have I explained how much I hate shows featuring do-gooders who need to be thanked for their benevolence at the end of every episode? Yeah. Anyway, Marla and Aaron are obviously going to be getting back together.

And Coldplay works magic over at the farmers' market too, where Laurel is showing up to apologize to Peachy's penis. She's brought him a peach pie, which she calls an "offering to the peach gods, with apologies for the burned crust." She blah blahs about how she wants to give them a try, and he makes sure she means with no one else in the picture, and she says yes, so he smiles. And just when you're starting to like Laurel, she nervously asks him if he's planning to run a peach stand for the rest of his life. "Does it matter?" says Peachy. "I suppose not," says Laurel, who has certainly learned her lesson after receiving her comeuppance. Woman, humble thyself at the feet of Peachy!

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Miss Match




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