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So, their olive needs met, they pop over to see Dave, the peach vendor, who welcomes his favourite customers. Victoria starts to check out the guy's fruit, and he asks her not to squeeze. After letting Victoria look shocked, he says he's just kidding. Quite the sense of humour on Peachy there. So Kate asks if Dave is single. "Guilty as charged," he says. Victoria says, out of the corner of her mouth but still really loudly, "You've got to be kidding me," but Kate just smiles. And despite Victoria's loud expression of dissent, Peachy looks oblivious. It's an expression he will wear without change throughout the rest of the episode.

Commercials. Technically, if the upcoming episode of Ed is all new, shouldn't his name be Greg or Doug or something now?

Claire the Sarcastic Secretary is talking on a headset and signing for something from a messenger when in walks a dude with longish hair who wants to know if this is Jerrold Fox & Associates. And I know Claire is standing in front of a sign that announces that very fact, but I wonder if her "no duh" sweep of the hands is exactly the welcoming attitude Jerrold would be looking for in a receptionist. Similarly, when Dude stammers out that he found them in the phone book under Family Law and wants to confirm that he can come here with a family-related legal problem, her "that's the idea" response is a little on the rude side. Fortunately for Dude, Kate is there to ask if he needs help, and invites him into her office. Claire watches them go with this really odd stunned look on her face. Maybe it's not that odd, since she doesn't seem to have any idea how a receptionist is supposed to behave.

Dude is played by J.P. Pitoc, recently seen on Six Feet Under, but here he's a guy named Aaron, in what is obviously a shout-out to the guy who subbed in for the recaplet this week. Thanks, Aaron! I'm only sorry there were no dream sequences, religious freaks, or people getting whacked in this episode, so you might have felt strangely underused. But I promise to make a Peter Krause reference later on.

Anyway, the Non-Recapper Aaron broke up with his girlfriend Marla about a year ago. In fact, a year ago this Thursday. Or Wednesday. No, Thursday. And he hasn't seen her since, except for this one time at yoga, but not after that. Anyway, it's like that, and Aaron needs much prompting from Kate to go on, while she and Jerrold make faces at each other. He explains that he works at Kinko's (er, that is to say, "Copy King") but that's just his day job. He's actually a drummer. And he recently saw his ex-girlfriend walking by outside the store, pushing a baby stroller, and we witness this courtesy of an unaccountably hilarious recreation. "I'm like processing this, then she sees me, and she just books." And I guess Marla can push a stroller pretty damn fast, since Aaron apparently can't catch her. He doesn't have a number or any way to reach her, but he thinks he's the father, and he wants to know if he has any parental rights. Jerrold jumps in with a "hypothetically," but points out that spotting his ex-girlfriend pushing a baby stroller "does not a paternity suit make." Jerrold then offers up other explanations, including the possibility that Marla kidnapped the baby. Kate offers up an eye-roll. Aaron offers up, "I guess. But maybe not." Since making jokes about the situation isn't enough, Jerrold asks how Aaron plans to pay for the legal help, aside from the drumming and the toner-refilling, earning a full-on open-mouthed glare from Kate. Aaron promises he'll figure something out, since this is important, and is rewarded with Kate's undying admiration, and she promises they'll get to work right away.

Outside, Jerrold expresses the vague notion that he's the guy who gets to decide which clients they take on, and he prefers to represent the ones who can pay. She introduces him to the term "pro bono" and has the nerve to insinuate that her dad is a "money-grubber," at least until he reminds her that this particular money-grubber put her through college and law school (not to mention gave her a job). Kate's response to her dad (her boss, remember)? Aaron's a "sweet guy." According to Jerrold, though, you could fill a stadium with all the sweet guys with sob stories. Yeah. It's called Fenway Park. Oh, wait. He said "sweet" guys. (Peace, Sars? ["Hee. Yes. Hee hee. 'Fenway Park.'" -- Sars]) And I agreed with Jerrold that Aaron seems a little dim, at least until I realized that Jerrold confuses "dim" with "moral." Why is Aaron dim? Because he wants to prove he's the baby's father. "Men run from paternity suits!" he says. Funny, I don't imagine actual men get slapped with paternity suits very often, since men tend to look after their children. Not to get all Maury-Povich-audience-member on you. "He wants to do the right thing, which is why we're going to help him," says Kate, leaving her dad to sputter about pretty offices costing money.

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