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Daddy dearest

Claire grabs Kate to let her know she has a visitor. It's Laurel, excited because she got Kate's message, so Kate gives her the lowdown on Peachy, calling him "young," "charming," "very handsome," and (classist-misgivings-induced pause before proceeding) an "organic foods specialist." Laurel says he sounds like perfection.

To illustrate the opposite of perfection, Nick walks by, and gives Laurel a "Hey…you…" so she has to identify herself and leave the very smooth Nick to pretend that he's been meaning to call her. Fortunately, Laurel shoots him down with a well-placed "Take your time," and he scurries off. "Picture the opposite of that," says Kate, and Laurel says she loves Peachy already.

At a driving range, Michael is feeling self-conscious with Kate watching him swing, but she tells him not to worry, since she just wants to experience typical Michael Mendelsohn. He claims that the typical Michael Mendelsohn is not such a hack, and any golfer can tell you that someone who claims to not usually suck so much, pretty much always sucks that much. He takes another swing, and Kate tells him he's lifting his club too high, then apologizes and blames her advice on osmosis, since her ex-boyfriend was a fanatic. So Michael swings again, and Kate calls this one nice. "Maybe I should go out with him," says Michael, then quickly says he's kidding, in that I-just-made-a-gay-joke-but-not-because-I-am way that guys have.

Kate's cell phone rings. It's Laurel, taking Kate to task for her "organic foods specialist" exaggeration. Laurel is, naturally, at Victoria's bar (which will be called the Only Bar from now on, unless someone gives me a better nickname), leaving Peachy to sit at the table and smile at her while Laurel's over at the bar complaining about his job to Kate. Kate tells her to sit down and enjoy herself, and to pass the phone to Victoria. "The person who told you so speaking, how may I help you?" says Victoria. Kate tells her to send Laurel and Peachy the chocolate soufflé with only one spoon, and Victoria gets all annoyed since she is the bartender, and maybe in L.A. bartenders don't order food for people or something, since Kate has to bribe Victoria with a free massage to do so.

When Kate gets off the phone, she tells Michael that that was another side project of hers, and Michael wonders if he and that side project weren't supposed to go out. Kate says they should hold off on that. "Got it," says Michael, and takes another swing. Then he makes the brilliant deduction that Kate is single, since she mentioned an ex-boyfriend before. And just as Kate seems to be getting her hopes up that Michael is interested in her, he makes the observation that you'd think someone in the matchmaking business would have her own love life all figured out. He's getting a little personal, but that's not to say he's wrong. Kate starts to scowl, but saves it by claiming that her powers only work on others.

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Miss Match




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