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Daddy dearest

Back at the farmer's market, Kate's expressing a wish for a fun Saturday night, and wants to round up all her bachelorettes for a singles' night out. Victoria thinks it's a great idea and suggests they do it at her bar. Because we never get tired of that place! Does anyone else think this is a moronic idea? If you've gone to a matchmaker, how thrilled are you going to be when she suggests hanging out with a whole troop of dateless wonders? Anyway, they swing through the peach district of the farmer's market to invite Peachy (whose own impressive arsenal of empty expressions makes Aaron look like Al Pacino. Can you tell I'm excited about Scarface on DVD? Say hello to my little friend!). Kate invites him to "Dateless Saturday Night," but he says he doesn't think he qualifies, since he and Laurel have "sort of a thing." Kate's konfused, and kwizzes him on this so-called "thing." "Without getting too graphic, we just have this animal attraction," he says. She asks when he saw Laurel last. "Last night," grins Dave, adding that it's been pretty much every night this week. "She's something," he says.

Kate comes zipping onto the set of some cooking show that Laurel's producing, and lays into her for using Dave for "midnight booty calls" while dating a more professional guy behind his back. Slightly embarrassed at this confrontation WHERE SHE WORKS, Laurel seems flustered. "I'm putting myself out there for you, and you're acting like I'm running an escort service!" says Kate, as we all struggle mightily to figure out just how what she does differs from an escort service. Didn't Kate offer Victoria a massage earlier? Come on. A MASSAGE? Anyway, Laurel defends herself by saying that she likes them both, yet manages to come across like even more of a classist snob as she says that her and Dave's worlds are so far apart. "Listen to yourself. What are you, royalty?" asks Kate. Laurel begs Kate not to ruin it for her, since she's having the best sex of her life. "We're talking multiple…" she starts, with Kate thankfully cutting her off and telling her Dave isn't under the impression that what they have is just sex. Kate adds that if that's what it is, then fine, but Laurel shouldn't expect any more help from her. She even offers to refund Laurel's money. "Kate, please. I want to do this," she says. "Then you have to play by my rules," says Kate, telling Laurel that these guys are "catches" and Kate doesn't want Laurel leading them on. Laurel says okay, but then adds that she's seeing both of them tonight and will make her decision afterwards. "You better," says Kate, "or I'll have to decide for you." And she turns on her heel and stomps off. Commercials.

McDonald's new ad campaign? With all due respect, gentlemen, I ain't lovin' it.

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Miss Match




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