Mission: Man Band

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These Aren't The Boys You're Looking For

2: Justin Timberlake!

3: Oh my God, he's so hot right now!

1: I see where you're going with that, but what we want to keep in mind while we're brainstorming is that these are going to be personalities who want a second chance at fame. Not recording artists who are currently selling out world tours.

2: Riiiiiiiight.

3: Bruce Springsteen?

2: He was born in the U.S.A.!

1: Also a good effort, but: very famous, and never was in a boy band.

2: This is hard!

1: Why don't we go back to your first instincts.

2: Extraordinary renditions! You won't regret it.

1: Justin Timberlake. 'N Sync.

3: Oh, right.

2: I don't know, guys. The other 'N Syncers are doing pretty well for themselves.

3: They are?

2: Well, come on. Fatone. That guy's everywhere! Fox, NBC -- he'll be playing a corpse on C.S.I. next.

1: Yeah, we'll never get him in a million years.

2: Who else was in that band?

3: The gay one.

2: And the one with the solo album.

3: Oh yeah, how do you pronounce that guy's name? Sha-ZEZ? Sha-ZAY?

2: It's Cesar Chavez, idiot.

3: And that makes four...who are we forgetting?

1: Wasn't there one who did a clothing line?

2: Justin again! Look, you gotta get off him; it'll just break your heart.

1: No, before him, there was that other one.

3: ...I'm totally drawing a blank.

2: Are you positive 'N Sync wasn't one of those boy bands that only had four guys?

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Mission: Man Band




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