Mission: Man Band

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These Aren't The Boys You're Looking For

1: This guy had weird hair...

2: Yeah, that doesn't help. They all had weird hair.

3: Can't you get your assistant to look it up or something? We're executives, we can't waste time like this!

[from outside the room] Chris Kirkpatrick!

2: Isn't he the host of Hardball?

3: I thought he was in the NBA.

1: She's on Wikipedia; there's an 85% chance she's right. Anyway, the fact that none of us could remember him suggests he's a good candidate. Who else?

2: What about a Backstreet Boy?

3: I think they're still trying to hold it together as a band.

2: Aw, that's cute.

1: Yeah, at any given moment three of them are probably in rehab anyway. Have we used up all the New Kids yet?

2: I think the only ones who haven't been on TV in the past three years are either in real estate...

3: And I'm pretty sure the one they were passing off as "Danny" was secretly an ape anyway.

1: Yeah, I heard that. Who else was there?

2: 3 Deep?

3: Ew.

1: Come on, I think we can aim a little higher than that.

3: Jackass?

1: They were very boyish, but not technically a band.

2: DuJour?

1: Fictional.

2: LFO?

3: You're thinking of O-Town, stupid.

1: No, there was an LFO, too.

3: Get out of here.

1: It's true.

3: What did "LFO" stand for?

2: Do you really care?

3: ...No.

1: We can probably get one of those guys. They were literally one-hit wonders. Except that their song wasn't quite a hit, even.

3: What was it?

2: Something about Banana Republic, I think.

3: ...Are you guys sure you're not just fucking with me?

1: People still remember the 98 Degrees guys, right?

3: Oh, sure. Nick.

2: And Drew, because of Dancing With The Stars.

1: What if we went after one of the non-Lacheys?

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Mission: Man Band




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