Mission: Man Band

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These Aren't The Boys You're Looking For

2: We wouldn't have a lot of competition for their attention, that's for sure.

3: So what are we up to, then, three?

1: We need one more to meet the minimum standard for boy band occupancy.

2: Tell that to 3 Deep.

3: Stop saying it!

1: Look, guys, I...

2: What?

1: I told my driver that I'd do him a favour.

3: Who's your driver?

1: He was in Color Me Badd.

2: What, he worked at a paint store?

3: No, that's a band. Watch 90210 sometime.

2: What, THEM? They're still alive?

3: If you can call that living.

2: Which one was he?

1: I don't know, the cheesy one?

2: Why do you have to do this guy a favour?

1: He saved my daughter from a pack of wild dogs.

2: You can't just get him a card? We have to go through this exercise? And involve the former creative engine behind FuMan Skeeto?

1: It's either that or give him his own Legends special.

3: And this way, we have a ready-made cast for The Surreal Life: Dance Fever, coming in 2008.

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Mission: Man Band




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