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The God Of Very Hard Things
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Karen totally let Sam Grey take her on a date and kiss her, the only right decision she has ever made in her entire life. Now he is stalking her a little bit. April sold part of her store to get Miranda Nickleby out of the picture, but something about the way she keeps saying "original investor" makes me wonder if it won't be some stuntcasted person down the line. Joss finally found about Savannah's one-night stand and baby daddy drama, and managed to -- pretty convincingly, oddly enough -- make it all about her.


Joss: "Oh, you don't have to get rid of all your dead husband's stuff after three years on my account."
April: "You kind of answered your own question there, huh, but if you want to see it as a favor, go ahead. Want to smell this t-shirt that says World's Greatest Dad? It still smells of Greatness."
Joss: "I am going to need your entire closet for my shoes. They are the only belongings I take with me in my vagabond homeless life because my priorities are for shit."
April: "I am going to regret this, but do you want to talk about your drama?"
Joss: "No, do you want to talk about Richard's penis? Or just penises?"

April: "Having just gotten over freezing Savi out for cheating on her husband, I feel entitled to lecture you about freezing Savi out for cheating on her husband."
Joss: "And as a new long-term guest in your home, I feel entitled to say fuck right off."


Harry: "I am upset about your suggestion to take lamb off the restaurant menu! It is a signature dish, not to mention a metaphor for my wife's vagina!"
Partner: "I'm just saying, it's okay to get tired of lamb. Pretty much everybody is tired of your lamb. Your lamb is a hurricane of destruction. It's okay to say no to the lamb."
Harry: "It's not that easy to part with the lamb dish! The lamb is all I know! The lamb got me my green card!"
Partner: "I am in charge of the money and I am here to tell you that the lamb is costing us too much. Lamb is costing more and more all the time, especially now that it's cutting its hours down at the office."
Harry: "Well, I'm not asking my wife for money if that's what you're suggesting. I hate her way too much for that."
Partner: "Remember how the place is called Savannah's Kitchen? Because she financed your dumb dream with her entire life savings? Maybe you should reconsider being super bitchy."

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