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The God Of Very Hard Things
Harry: "I am more attached to being super bitchy than I even am to the lamb."


Karen: "Oh, is that a rattlesnake? Or is it a bear? Did that bear or snake drop its wallet? Let's go tongue-kiss the bear. I'm gonna stick my hand in its mouth and see what happens."
Savi: "Whatever. Listen to me whine about my divorce I am forcing to happen through sheer force of will."
Karen: "Only if you'll listen to me whine about my boyfriend Sam."
Savi: "Uh, what? Are we still on that?"
Karen: "He's actually stalking me now. I'm not even involved in it. He will probably murder me. It's no big deal."
Savi, verbatim: "Well, you're the professional!"


Alex rides the elevator up to Joss's office with Olivier and they talk about yoga and her magic bead bracelet and whatever Alex-type stuff they're both into. Bananas.

Alex: "I've been dying to go to India!"
Olivier: "Of course you have. Get a real job and maybe one day you can."

When Olivier gets off the elevator, they're chatty -- but he cuts his eyes immediately to the side when he spots Joss coming to meet her, which results in an exquisite reaction shot from Joss that is like something Beyoncé would do as a dance move. I guess she's not allowed to know that he secretly finds her charming and/or they are going to obviously fuck in five minutes.

Joss: "Fuckin' A. Olivier likes you? This is the worst thing that has ever happened! Give me that coffee."

This is a great development, actually. I'm so rooting for Joss, and her life is getting populated by more and more people that bring her coolness out. I hope this blows up in her face in some way, that would be neat for her.


Harry: "We need to talk."
Savi: "That is the worst thing you can ever say to a person. Remove that phrase from your vocabulary, everybody. It is purified, weaponized passive-aggression."
Harry: "Quitting your job is dumb. Don't give up the lamb dish of making partner."
Savi: "Thank God we both look amazing in this scene because I could swear you're implying we're going to stay married, and if you weren't, I would freak out, and neither of us are styled like I'm about to freak out."
Harry: "Fine, I'll let you off the hook in this one single way. We are not divorcing."

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