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The God Of Very Hard Things


Karen doesn't have nearly enough surveillance equipment, she needs more. You know who else needs spy stuff all the time? Detectives.

Karen: "Detective Newsome, hey! I was just at this spy store buying more spy stuff for my robot house that is already under constant surveillance."
Newsome: "Nice knowing you because my investigation is over. (OR IS IT?)"
Karen: "When you say the investigation is over, does that mean Thomas Grey's death will no longer be investigated?"
Newsome: "I don't know. That question makes no sense. Hey, about your huge lies..."
Karen: "Yeah, about those. Listen, the reason I lied to your face about whether or not Thomas Grey was suicidal or not was because I felt like it."
Newsome: "What a sign of character! Can I ask you on a date? I am into total trainwrecks."


Richard: "Are you really stalling on selling a piece of your business by literally hovering a pen over the paperwork with your eyes crossed? That is almost as adorable as I am."
April: "Twenty percent of my life is no longer mine. And I still gotta sell all this crap every day. I hate my fuckin' dream."

Richard: "...Oh, and now you've signed it."
April: "Thanks for being here. You standing there being amazing really helped."
Richard: "Do you want to go on a date?"
April: "Isn't it better for us to just fuck randomly? I mean, you're always in this store. It seems like when we try to actually go on a date, people come back from the dead or their kids are turned into dog food, or... I mean how many babysitters have died within minutes of us getting together? And that's not including all the times I broke our dates for no reason whatsoever. I could do that at any time, I have no way of knowing."
Richard: "I have a secret plan and a big secret question for you!"
April: "You know that I don't like surprises."
Richard: "Surprise! My dimples."


Deletes an apologetic voicemail from Savi, and then is summoned into Olivier's office wearing once again an incredibly cute outfit: A black-striped Paris boatneck type of shirt, super high heels, and a spinny bright-red skirt. She loves that black and red, and she should. It fits her visually and personality-wise, both.

Olivier: "Who's your friend?"

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