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The God Of Very Hard Things
Karen: "Would you like a glass of water? Like you are a landscaper?"
Newsome: "No, this is the part where you invite me in for a glass of wine."
Karen: "I appreciate the advice, human, and thank you for not taking offense."


Harry looks dumb in his blue suit, looks dumb grabbing Savi's hand, makes her jewel-tone emerald dress look dumb. Everything's dumb.

Savi: "Okay. So I'll impress the partners, and you keep that gross accent under wraps."
Harry: "Can you just point me directly to Dominic because that's obviously why I'm here? To punch in him his sperms?"


April: "I saw Paul! Standing there being dead!"
Joss: "Drink some of my drink I was just drinking out of your liquor cabinet."
April: "So I was enjoying dinner, Richard is perfect, he wants to tell the girls we're together and go to Santa Barbara..."
Joss: "You're telling Lucy, that's a big step! I love commitment."
April: "Shut up there was a ghost, I'm getting to the ghost. You stupid woman."
Joss: "No, you stupid woman. Listen to me. You are sabotaging your shit. The ghost turned into Miranda, and now that you've dealt with Miranda she's turning back into the ghost. You are the one doing this. You are scared of the perfection that is Hot Dad -- but more importantly, you're still all about Paul. Whether the three years in mourning or the three weeks of pissed off, you're hurting yourself and your future and nobody else."
April: "God, you are good at this. Why do we always go to Savannah? Why do we go to fuckin' Karen? You are the only one who ever knows what's up."


Dominic: "Hey Harry, why would this be weird?"
Harry: "Why are you talking to me?"
Dominic: "Congratulations on your baby!"
Harry: "Are you fucking kidding me?"

Because he doesn't know that Savannah weirdly lied to Dominic about the baby -- or about this paternity test that apparently the lab is on the Moon and we will never ever find out who the father is until the baby actually comes out even though Savi paid to expedite that shit -- Harry is kinda justified in punching Dominic in his dumb HR nightmare face.

On the other hand, you are at your wife's work. Me, I think we give (white) men too much of a pass for violence anyway, like: Self-control is an actual thing, not an urban legend. You can have it, the only reason you don't have it is because the rest of us tell you it's okay if you don't. Why do we do that?

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