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The Ham Is You


April: "Isn't LA so beautiful?"
Richard: "You know what's beautiful? You are. But I can't date you. And the reason for that is, you are a fucking mess."
April: "What? All I did was make up strange lies like something out of Bedknobs & Broomsticks instead of telling you a very interesting story about mysterious babies."
Richard: "I can't be an alcoholic and also date crazy bitches, April. Call me when you stop believing in ghosts and start telling truths."
April: "Well, that was a shame. Little does he know I am the only sane person on this show."


Joss: "Leaving so soon, Olivier? Just to let you know, I didn't get one offer..."
Olivier: "I expected as much. Get ready to get fired."
Joss: "...I got three! I expect to close tonight at a hundred grand above asking."
Olivier: "I'm so excited for you! As your boss and someone with a vested interest in our company's success, but also because I knew that you could act professional if somebody would just..."
Joss: "And fuck you, I'm wearing whatever the fuck I want to work."
Olivier: "Ah. So close."

Un. Necessary. Joss, it's like two steps forward and one step back all the time with you. Why are you like this? Why would anybody ever act like this?


April: "Hot Dad won't date me."
Savi: "Come on inside and have some tea. Sorry I cheated on my husband."
April: "Sorry I acted like that had anything to do with me."

Savi falls down on the floor in tears and April dooms her: "The worst is over!" Lightning splits the sky and the ground shakes and animals start acting weird and the stars realign themselves in the cloudless night saying YOU ARE FUCKED NOW. TAKE A PREGNANCY TEST STUPID.


Sam: "Please don't tell my mom! In some ways I'm pretty grown up but not any of the ways that count."
Karen: "As long as you understand that we can't ever see each other again, except for all the time."
Sam: "Did I mention I gave some strange sunglasses to my mom and now she knows my dad was having an affair in his affair-having apartment?"
Karen: "I wish you had gone to jail before you did that."


Is pregnant. Obviously.


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