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The Ham Is You

Karen: "Do you? Do you really? Okay, how about this, I've been seeing his son literally every other scene, including every time you've told me to stay away from his family. Sometimes I will go hang out with him, swing by so you can tell me not to hang out with him, and then head back directly from here to hang out with him some more. I am pretty sure I can get him to murder me by the end of the month."
Savi: "What? That's ludicrous behavior! Anyway, let's talk about me."
Karen: "No prob."

Karen: "Let me guess. You're upset about having to work in a workplace with a coworker that you fucked in your workplace?"
Savi: "In a nutshell."
Karen: "The important thing is that you understand it's okay to flirt with your coworkers and act incredibly inappropriate, as long as you lie about it. That's my medical opinion."
Savi: "How's April doing? I'm running out of throw pillows."
Karen: "My professional advice is, fuck it. She'll come back or she won't. You'll lose all your friends or you won't. She has a legitimate beef or she doesn't, and you could talk it out with her based on twenty years of friendship, but you absolutely must not. You need to let it fester and get weird and put a burden on all of your shared friends, okay?"


Joss: "His name is Olivier Dubois and he is amazing and I hate him because he will not acknowledge my worth with his penis. And he carries a man-purse."
April: "Oh, how European!"
Joss: "Right? Man, I miss the days when I could just fuck my boss instead of working."
April: "Jesus, you're a whore. Anyway, let's talk about me."
Joss: "No prob."

April: "Remember that guy Richard who I kept agreeing to go out on dates with and then cancelling the date as he was driving up? Get this, he doesn't want to date me."
Joss: "Why the nerve."
April: "What am I supposed to tell him? The truth?"
Joss: "The perfectly understandable truth? Why, what would Karen say?"
April: "She would say to get a Guy Fawkes mask and put it on whenever he is around, so I won't be tempted to tell him the simple and easily understandable truth."
Joss: "Good plan. Oh, I have to go meet Olivier at this hotel, to have sex probably."
April: "Or to get fired. Or to meet and greet your new boss in an informal and non-threatening environment after a sudden takeover. Or literally dozens of other reasons."

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