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The Ham Is You

Savi: "Did you do something even more ridiculously stupid than the last time we talked, an hour ago?"
Karen: "I broke into Sam's apartment, crawled around on the floor, and left my shit everywhere."
Savi: "You're kind of being an asshole at this point. I mean, of course to this family, but also I feel like what is the point of you coming here and telling me this if not to pretty much totally imply that my opinion means nothing to you?"
Karen: "That's not very supportive."
Savi: "Think about it this way. If I show you two dresses and you say 'the blue one' and I choose the green one, okay, thanks for helping me decide. But if that happens eleven times, each day, for two full weeks, at some point you're gonna stop thinking it's about the dresses, and realize that I'm just being a bitch."

Actually, Karen's point -- now that she's figured out what her point is -- is pretty valid: This is her inability to let Tom go. That's all it ever was. She sees echoes of him in Sam's disturbingly sexy behavior, she hears him in Elizabeth's grief, she smells him in their love nest, in the home of their brief but very intense relationship. All true, but none of which really matters because ultimately Savi is right: There is no saving Tom, any piece of him that isn't already a memory because those are the only parts of him she's allowed to have. Here there is only self-injury and greed and spreading more misery everywhere. Savannah would know, after all.


Joss: "Don't look at me!"
April: "Uh, you look great. Like a grownup woman with a job."
Joss: "I know, it's disgusting! If a little kid were here he'd just be like, Nice turtleneck. It wouldn't sexually warp him in any way!"
April: "Seems like your new work situation is really making you feel anxiety and pressure. Let's talk about me, though."
Joss: "No prob."

April: "So nothing has really changed since the last time we talked about this."
Joss: "Cool, thanks for keeping me up to date."
April: "I mean, I did force the poor guy to acknowledge the weirdness between us, which doubled the overall awkwardness without actually resolving anything..."
Joss: "Sometimes I wonder if you're not actually the one who is Savannah's sister. Anyway, back to me. Can you decorate this entire weird house for me real quick? It was redesigned by a cokehead musician and looks utterly insane, down to the toilet in the middle of the open-plan living room. But if I can somehow stage it and sell it, it'll be the first time I ever succeed at work without using my body... which will prove something to my new boss, if not to myself."

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