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Ride Your Life
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Karen Kim erased her lovers' files from her computer in anticipation of an investigation into his insurance-voiding assisted suicide: Problem solved! Joss destroyed a gay marriage and invited the one she's going to sleep with to come stay at her house: Problem solved! Savannah submitted for a paternity test about the baby she may have ended up with after a one-night stand: Problem solved! April Malloy paid her dead bigamist husband's secret con-man family's medical bills: Problem solved!


While Karen Kim practices the Eastern Arts of Self-Defense for some reason, and April dead-eyed stares into space not caring if her invisible progeny lives or dies, and Savannah showers and rubs her belly and wonders what could be inside it, Joss has sex with one of those hunks she's always having sex with. Maybe it's the same one, maybe actually it's just the same one every time* and she is actually mistaken about her distaste for monogamy. Maybe she can't recognize faces and that's why she acts so confusing. Perhaps she has mistaken him for a hat. But one thing she will never mistake for a hat is sex, because sex is her best thing that defines her because she is a free spirit.

*(I think in this case I'm wrong by being right and it's the same one, it's the guy that walked Jenna Thing into [SPOILER]'s funeral even though she is no longer [SPOILER] at the moment, whom we have not officially met on the show yet but I believe is named Nigel. I would imagine he wears more clothes on PLL than here, or at least more often. Shame.)


Harry: "I had a dream about a mummy's tomb and Madonna, but I think the punchline of this joke has to do with her singing and not the fact that she is actually a mummy from a tomb."
Savi: "I don't know what a mummy is but I guess I'm supposed to feel jealous."
Harry: "In the dream I was looking for you, but I couldn't find you. It was reductive and stupid and I guess I don't understand how dreams work even though I have them every night."
Savi: "I have so much work to do! I am a busy, busy businesswoman!"
Harry: "Your kiss. You taste... Pregnant. Or like a pennychewer."
Savi: "Is that a derogatory term in Australia?"


Alex: "I didn't realize you would have a naked man in your bed this morning! Just kidding, you always do because you are a sex addict."

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