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Ride Your Life

Lucy: "Does it make ya think maybe you don't have to sell our house and make us homeless just so some rando Florida con artist can feed her stupid kid?"
April: "It should, but maybe it also means I get to have sex with Richard. Among the throw pillows."
Lucy: "Jeez. Throw down a towel or something at least, you scallywag."


Lila?: "The Widow Grey is here. She is entering your office as I tell you this."
Karen: "Fabulous."
Widow Grey: "Sorry I didn't return your calls! I'm just kind of selfish and shitty."
Karen: "I know, your husband told me a buncha times before I fucked him. What about this whole thing where we are both going to jail, though? Ain't that a pisser."
Widow Grey: "Yeah, I don't think so. I want you to falsify evidence that says he actually was suicidal, so Sam doesn't have to hear all the real facts. It'll ruin my ruined relationship with him, not to mention yours that you're using to destroy your entire life all around you. It's worth it to me to lose all that money, because we already have all the money."
Karen: "What do I get out of this? Besides losing my license, I mean."
Widow Grey: "Either way that's happening, right? So just do it."
Karen: "I will if I have time. I have to write this speech for Hilary Clinton."
Widow Grey: "Okay. Remember, I will not hesitate to take you down with me. I mean that."


Harry: "I made you a magic peeing potion that will make you pee after one sip."
Savi: "No thank you."
Harry: "It has mint and agave nectar and a hint of anise."
(She slurps literally one cc of this stuff and then has to pee. He talks to her through the door, as if they have been married for more than five minutes. The nerve!)
Harry: "I think your sister's mad at me. I picked a fight with her this afternoon..."
Savi: "You really want to talk about my sister right now?"
Harry: "Uh, why would that be weird? You're peeing in there, not masturbating or doing differential equations. I think you can handle a conversation about your sister that you haven't seen in six weeks that is my best friend now."

But actually it is sad, because Alyssa Milano is a very good actor, so you know what's happening before she even fully seems to register it. The ten thoughts between here and there. Anybody else, you might think that she is manufacturing a quick miscarriage -- this is probably the best time to do it, frankly, now that he's forced the issue and made her take the test and drink the peeing potion -- but no. Not when you see her heart drop into her stomach like that. Just the sick feeling of, After all that. Goddamn, after all that?

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