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Ride Your Life

Karen: "And how about this dumb bitch that drove 'em?"
April: "I put Visine in her kombucha and now she shits blood. Take that, Selena Gomez."
Karen: "That's a healthy outlet. So what's this about you being poor?"
April: "I'm still rich, just not liquid enough to give money to this chick that is obviously taking me for a ride."
Karen: "That sounds like the right amount of liquidity for a ghost whisperer such as yourself."
April: "I wish instead of dollars, I could pay her with vicious kicks in the box."
Karen: "I have been doing a lot of kickboxing, actually, to deal with my own stress."
April: "Oh, are we talking about you?"

Savi: "No, we're talking about me."
Ladies: "Have you told him anything? We're almost halfway through the season."
Savi: "No, I am still just stewing in my own misery."
Karen: "You do know that eventually your pregnancy will be visible?"
Savi: "I'm kind of hoping the world will end first. Because I'm a grownup lady!"
April: "He doesn't suspect?"
Savi: "Oh, he knows. He smelled it on my penny-munching breath."
Karen: "The female body is a house of horrors. But you need to come clean."
Savi: "Then what would I do for a storyline?"
Ladies: "Dominic, obvi. Do you not know the name of this show?"


Joss: "Harry, you look amazing in those clothes that are vaguely the same thing you always wear! I see you went to the farmer's market and bought out all the farmers... Oh, and I see that your visit to the farmer's market has somehow caused you to smell horrible."
Harry: "You need to stop fucking your friends. That is the opposite of a free spirit. That is a free radical."
Joss: "Stop judging me by my actions that would be visibly destructive from space!"

She pretends a giant cucumber is a penis, for two sad reasons at least. (If you were watching video of child therapy and the kid did this in the middle of a serious conversation, you would call the fucking authorities.) But Harry will not be dissuaded from his common sense.

Harry: "Stop distracting me with your vegetable penis and listen to what I'm saying to you. I am basically your sister at this point, you haven't talked to her since you moved in. So I am doing this from love. What you are saying is, you do not value this girl's friendship and you need her to know that. Which is awful for you."

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