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Ride Your Life


Dominic: "You really laid the hammer down on ol' Jerrica yesterday."
Savannah: "Her name is seriously Jerrica? That is so stupid."
Dominic: "Yeah, there it is again."
Savannah: "You think I care if you fuck her? I don't care. I'll show her my underwear, I don't give a shit. The important thing is that you not be one more fucking stressful thing today."
Dominic: "Or I could double down and soft-talk you halfway to an orgasm about how our tryst meant everything to me and it drives me crazy you're pretending otherwise."
Savannah: "I have to go to yet another secret appointment now. Like now."


Alex: "This is trickier than I thought! She bought everything, but I picked it out."
Joss: "So just decide based on if you actually like it. It's just things."
Alex: "Yeah, you're right."

Sally: "What the fuck are you doing in my house? Give me my key."
Alex: "Honey, are you sick and that's why you're home early? Let me get you some OJ... Uh, I mean, sorry you're sick, here are the keys, let's leave."
Joss: "Later boners!"
Sally: "No, you get your ass over here for a little talk."

Everybody laying down real talk with Joss! Saying all the things! I love it! It makes her so much more wonderful to watch the actress process all this truth at once. How weird would it be if Joss turned out to be the subtlest character of all?

Sally's point is that Alex randomly just started having trouble in the marriage when Sally bought her a Joss. Which is true, but only because Joss is a ripper-off of scabs. That part is above board. I mean it seemed pretty clear she had an angle, but compared to the pressure Sally's giving her about it, she's blame free. Which Joss dumbly tries to explain -- "I am not the problem in your marriage, you are" -- which is never going to fly, and makes her look like her nosy jerk self on top of it.

So Sally gets right in her fucking face and is like, "Pretend all you want. You seduced her, and now you have her. So you are the asshole." Which is basically true, too. No bad guys here -- no bad guys ever -- but if the problem was Sally taking Alex for granted, Alex could put her big-girl panties on with or without Joss's help and actually stand up for herself instead of getting distracted by some straight girl who is twice as messy as she is.

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