Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

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Hey Soul Sister
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In an orgy of dysfunction Harry issued one of his shittier ultimatums, leading Savi in turn to hide her long-awaited paternity results from even herself. Like all problems, babies go away if we just ignore them. The Widow Grey revealed that she knew about Karen's affair with Tom all along -- and did this in front of Karen's new stalker/suitor his son Sam, who is already very crazy.


Tweener Savi sat on a beach, staring with another girl as somebody they knew dropped her bikini top and waded out into the ocean, screaming for attention. But it's not Josslyn, because Josslyn is the other girl and she is too young for this behavior just like Mom is too old for it. Savi is reading a romance novel on the beach, foreshadowing her bullshitty beach bum life to follow.

They are wearing clothes and using technology, Mister Mister on the radio, but none of that interests me because I'm not into nostalgia but especially not '80s nostalgia because it is a cancer on your mind.

Savi: "She just wants that hot lifeguard to save her, don't worry about it."
Joss: "What if that slut dies first?"
Savi: "Just keep waiting, he'll blow his whistle."

Eventually he does. Or I guess did.


Savi wakes up from her realistically literal dream like people are always having on TV to the phone ringing.

Savi: "Joss? Is that you? Are you calling from that dream I was just having?"
Karen: "Kind of. I also have a tendency to drop my panties and run into the ocean with no exit strategy, for no reason other than that I am a hot mess -- and where you have a brain, I have a warm mug of Earl Grey tea."
Savi: "What is it this time? Let me guess, you were piloting a plane with the entire Grey family in it, accidentally mixed your medications, and flew into a mountain. No, Sam caught you in bed with his mom by some complete accident and murdered her, and now he's chasing you with a knife, so you sat down on the sidewalk to call me. Said something racist on Conan. Dating Charlie Sheen."
Karen: "Very funny. The part about me getting murdered, though, is accurate."
Savi: "Let's all go hang out in April's house in the middle of the day."


Savi: "How did she even know you were having the affair? You're usually so discreet and plan things out so well!"

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