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Don't Go To The Springs!
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All of these people are crazy.


Karen Kim takes a shower. Maybe this is her plan for the day. Ellie Goulding's one hee-hee-hee song about how "anything can happen" certainly takes on a disorienting flavor when it's Karen Kim taking a shower during it, because literally anything could happen.

Boom! Your shower is a portal to a crystal dimension full of magical crystals for wishing crystal wishes and dreaming heart-fire dreams. Boom! You are murdered in this shower by somebody dressed like his mom. Well, to be fair, that's a fairly likely scenario, but remember: Anything can happen: Boom! You are going to get dressed and go to work as though you have not been fired and are still medically licensed. It is possible nobody will notice. It is possible that anything can happen!

It is possible that April is cuddled up with sleepy Lucy, confronted by the one framed photograph of her dead husband that the poltergeist has not shattered. (The poltergeist being April.) It is even possible that she feels tempted, mocked, weirded out by this photograph, because the last person she slept with was not the most perfect boyfriend in the world but in fact a phantom.

It is possible that Joss is scrambling the fuck around the poolhouse, looking for her sister's paternity results, wanting nothing less than to end up calling Harry, which she knows she has to do, because he has stolen them and probably knows the results! But what are they? We still don't know. Anything can happen.

...But probably the baby is Harry's, based on the big shades-of-yellow birthday bouquet that arrives outside Savannah's door while all this mess and showering and ghost-sex regret is going on. "Happy Birthday," says the card, and that's it. Perhaps it has been sent to her by Anonymous, and the secret why she's never at work is that her real work is the revolution all the time, and she uses her money to finance a certain kind of justice, which she considers her real job, an avocation of sorts. Anything can happen!

Whenever I hear that song I like to close my eyes and pretend to be Mindy Kaling pretending I have just gotten on an elevator with the man who might be The One and that song has just started playing in the romantic comedy of life. Hee hee hee hee-ee-ee hee.


Ladies: "...And many mooore! Was that enough off-key that we don't have to pay for it?"

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