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Don't Go To The Springs!
Elizabeth: "Only a very stupid woman would be heading to Palm Springs without her cell phone. Are you a very stupid woman, Dr. Kim?"
Karen: "I don't really think the jury's out on that one, Elizabeth."

Her phone rings across the room, so she shrugs and goes to answer it, turning her back long enough for Elizabeth to pull the gun out from just ... nowhere. She just suddenly produces a gun from behind herself.

Elizabeth: "Don't answer it, Karen."
Karen: "How come?"


April is beating on a vending machine in the hospital, taking out her aggression and stress -- and one presumes, acting on behalf of the locked-away still-sane part of her mind still screaming about Richard -- but to no avail. You can't have everything you want.

April: "Paul, thanks for calling me back! My friend was in a car accident and since you're my new boyfriend now -- by the way -- I need your comfort and support."
Harry: "April, where is Savi?"
April: "Somewhere in this stupid hospital, I guess. I'm not family so they won't tell me."
Harry: "Tell them she's pregnant! I'm technically her husband, so."

Joss: "Where is Savi? Where is the baby? Where is my hug?"
Harry: "Here's your hug. Savi's in critical condition but the baby's fine."
Joss: "Thank God."
Harry: "Can you do me a favor and call Dominic?"
Joss: "That asshole? Why?"


Harry pops open a fresh pack of cigarettes, which of course he quit years ago, and it's a pretty nice moment. Joss starts crying like immediately once she thinks about how hard the last twelve episodes have been on everybody.

Joss: "Harry, this is all my fault. I should have fessed up..."
Harry: "Well actually I stole them, so."
Joss: "I am going to fall the fuck apart if she's not okay. You'll be fine, but me? I'm toast."
Harry: "That's what's important here. And you're right. I don't give a shit about any of this but she's still my wife and you're still my sister and... Hey, Dominic."
Dominic: "This is weird. Sorry, this is really awkward."
Harry: "Fourth floor. Asshole."


Karen: "Okay like what do you even want?"
Liz: "An apology, silly!"
Karen: "Well, of course I am sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you at all..."

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