I Choose You

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Jacob Clifton: A+ | 23 USERS: A
Don't Go To The Springs!
April: "Go fuck yourself. I am sending you five hundred dollars. Please kiss Scott for me, and punch yourself in the eye."

Joss: "It was our mother that sent the mystery flowers that wrecked my car, via you."
Savi: "Isn't that something. Nice of her to send me into a total fucking tailspin for my birthday."

April: "Hey guys."
Joss: "Paul's here, huh? That's weird. And nice?"
April: "No, I sent him back to Florida."
Savi: "Okay, so Richard..."
April: "Dumped him, too."
Savi: "How long was I in a coma?"
April: "I work fast."
Savi: "Were you not like, just talking about having a family?"
April: "That was mostly you, but yeah. I have one. You guys. Mostly Savi and Karen."


Elizabeth: "I'm sure Sam is bored by now. Get upstairs."
Karen: "I don't feel like it!"

Sam smashes through the back patio window like Body Heat, just as Savi is going aphasic and then crashes! Joss goes running for help! The doctors cram in!

Sam: "Mom, you can't go around killing people. Now all we have is each other."
Elizabeth: "You're in love with her! Just like Tom!"
Sam: "I'm not sold that he loved her. Maybe she was just a mistake. For us both."
Elizabeth: "Is that why he begged for her when I was killing him? He made me feel like a Mistress! His last words were Karen, I want Karen!"


Oh shit. Everybody goes nuts. Sam rushes at her clown-lined eyes and smudged lipstick, with a mighty roar. Karen wobbles in the air, vindicated but still processing that shit.

Harry yells at Savannah to not die, and April cries, and Sam and his mom fight over the gun, and somebody gets shot and blood goes everywhere, and they start in on Savi with the paddles -- Joss is just completely losing it, as expected -- and then ... um, that's the end of the season.

Savannah is flatlining, April is a singleton, one to three of the Karen people are dead, and Joss is presumably already careening out of control. Certainly one way to end a season. Maybe the best possible way: As art imitates life, so too this show was a car accident about a car accident. But it was also art, and on occasion it really went to some fantastic places. I try to be open-minded and judge on a week-by-week basis, and the reason for that I think this show perfectly illustrates. You don't ever want to cut yourself off from pleasure for no reason.

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