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Don't Go To The Springs!
Joss: "It's a horrible plan, but also I don't know where they are... Got it. Okay, they should be in my nightstand..."

Savannah hands her some bullshit about how she didn't put them in a better safer place, like her "undies" drawer or a safe deposit box, but Joss (who I guess just has no intention of going with her either way) talks her out of it because God forbid a pregnant woman make the freakout hellride from LA to the Springs all by herself. So she seems to convince Savi to put off this (useless, not at all helpful) plan until the morning -- with the hope that Harry will have gotten them back to the guesthouse (unopened) and Savi will never know that Joss "messed up" and lost them.

Which is also kind of dumb in the specific way this show does, because it isn't Joss's fault -- and not in a plausible deniability, she's a flake kind of way: Like literally, Harry was the antagonist of her very good safeguarding of those results. She wasn't supposed to hide them from Harry, she was hiding them from Savannah. Whose fault, really, everything is.


Karen: "I haven't started packing yet! You're early! What does California Fancy mean? What are clothes?"
April: "Honey, can we maybe drive separately?"
Karen: "Seriously, it'll take me ten minutes."
April: "No, Richard wants to have brunch, and I like the idea of settling this before we go out of town."
Karen: "You didn't need to drive here to ask me this. Clearly you need my very good help and advice. I need to say up front that I am no longer a licensed professional, although the quality of my advice shouldn't be hindered or changed in any way by that fact."

April: "You know how I gave you gals the business yesterday about making out with Paul?"
Karen: "Yeah, it was awesome!"
April: "I just... How could I harbor feelings or confusion about this? About him. Richard is great, Paul is the pits!"
Karen: "Feelings are feelings, you can't just take responsibility for them or control them like some kind of adult or robot. Let's take me, for one stellar example of decision-making. I knew Tom was married and a medical client of mine in a fragile state, nearing the end of his life, blah blah blah, there were a million logical reasons not to have an affair with him. But then you know what my feelings said? My feelings said, Fuck it. So I went for it! I ruined my life, and that of everyone involved. Is this helping?"

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