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Put The Mask On
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It's been ages! So let's see... Paul is back from the dead and angling to see his daughter Lucy. Joss reconciled with her sister Savi after a disastrous visit from their mother, and entered a lesbian phase. Karen was shocked (of course) by the revelation that Sam is obviously in love with her; Sam was shocked in turn when the Widow Grey then revealed her affair with Sam's father.


Joss: "As merely a neophyte lesbian I have still not received my plumbing badge, so I'm unclear on what we're supposed to be doing here."
Savi: "Ever since my husband moved out, I have been deluged with simple problems any adult should know how to fix. I am a fish without a bicycle!"
Joss: "This is actually my fantasy. Us, living together in a house that is falling down around us, but with a cosmopolitan chicness. Like a Grey Gardens-meets-Sex & The City kind of thing."
Savi: "I dare you to name one difference between those two things. Crazy, untenable costumes? Check. Unending narcissism? Check. Unhealthy sexual fixations on inappropriate partners? Check. Keeping gay men as pets? Check."

They cuddle on the steps of the leaky shower, and Savi is amazing: "Everything is broken and I don't know how to fix it."

Joss: "Literally? Or...?"
Savi: "Starts there. Ends... who knows. Without Harry to tell me, I may never know what is going on with me."
Joss: "As I remember it, you were a person before you got married, correct?"
Savi: "Yes. That is when it happened. You know he wouldn't even let me open the mail, once I fucked up the water bill one time."
Joss: "You're ... kind of gross."
Savi: "No, it was all him. He was like this Australian Ricky Ricardo. It was easier to become pointless than to risk hurting his sensitive male feelings."
Joss: "How weird that you of all people were able to give up all that control! In this show's fantasy that you have ever made a decision or acted on your own behalf, I mean."
Savi: "It was weird at first, but I just pushed those feelings down and now I am pregnant with them."

The shower explodes over their heads, raining down competence and self-reliance on them both.


Lucy: "You know, there are first graders who are allowed to walk by themselves. At least from the curb."

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