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Shania, I'm Allergic To Mayo

Which is the only reason I bring it up at all because if you don't keep your eye on those I ♥ Huckabees questions like that, you will slippity-slide down into knowing zero about what you are actually about, and then you end up just like these bitches, with their gorgeous clothes and fancy houses and exciting romances. Where were we.

Savi: "I didn't want you to be easy on me because I'm soooo soooo hard on myself..."
Joss: "Actually, fuck that. You didn't tell me because you want me to think I'm the fuckup and you're perfect, or else the whole system falls apart."
Savi: "How are you making this about you? Are you a wizard?"
Joss: "This time it's not, though, this time it's about both of us paying the price for it. You're a saint, I'm a screwup. You're setting a good example, which makes you an objectively better person because you have to stay at that standard. I get other, lesser benefits. But this time, you were so perfect that you ruined absolutely everything, and you hurt my feelings in the process."

(There is a neat thing where the line from earlier with Mona comes back, where Joss was like, "Mona, I'm not like you for about a billion reasons," and now it's back in play with the Carver sisters. Whose outfits are almost the same color, but just far enough apart to clash.)

Joss: "You were scared I'd think we were the same?"
Savi: "Fuck that, I'm nothing like you."
Joss: "Wow. Okay, well maybe Olivier is right and you are right and I don't take other people enough into consideration because I'm sloppy with my boundaries. But you're wrong for thinking that's a plus sign for you, for your side. Because my sloppiness with boundaries is the exact reason I could never in my life do what you just did to me."

Wow. Well done, Joss. Valid points, all, and expressed more eloquently than anything Savannah's had to say all week. I thought it was weird when Harry won, but this one was even better because she did bring herself into it: The think that makes you awesome is the thing that makes you suck, always, and in this case she showed where the virtue of her bullshit really lies. She's great with people and charming not because she's a sociopath but because she's an empathy-- she's the opposite. She blends into people without even knowing it. And frankly that's exactly what Savi could use, because right now she is just fucking it all right up.

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