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Shania, I'm Allergic To Mayo


Karen: "Wait, so you bothered Harry at work and then told Dominic you're pregnant? With Harry's baby?"
Savi: "Yeah, it seemed like the best call in the moment."
Karen: "Do you listen to literally anything I tell you?"
Savi: "Fuck no, why would I do that? I'm not even mad at Dominic anymore for no reason. Now I'm mad at Harry for no reason."
Karen: "Savi, Jacob already explained this in a previous recap. It's not fair for you to expect Harry to just catch up to your point in the story when he's hearing all of this shit for the first time. How self-absorbed can you get? He needs time."

Savi: "What the fuck is up with my hair today. Oh, and I think he's sleeping with his hostess. What a bitch."
Karen: "What makes you think that?"
Savi: "Nothing. She has breasts, that's about it. That's all I'm working with. I would love the shit out of it if it were true, though."
Karen: "Do you even know your husband at all? That's not who he is. He's not the asshole who would cheat for revenge. That's you, but that's not him."

This is the point where Savannah starts gnawing on a lobster, with these amazingly cute rabies faces, and Karen realizes Savi's totally on the brink.

Karen: "Huh. There was a break-in at my office. Undetectable, possibly imaginary."
Savi: "Yeah, and Elizabeth Grey may have skipped town too."
Karen: "How weird would it be if those things were related? Assuming either of them ever happened at all. We really have no way of knowing."


Joss is digging so deep into Savannah's jewelry fort -- an entire bureau just full of jewels, covered in jewelry boxes that are full of jewelry -- that she penetrates time and space and ends up reaching all the way back, Portal-style, Narnia-style, to the bookshelf on the other end of the room, where she finds an inscribed copy of What To Expect and gets really excited. Why?

Because Savi's finally pregnant after months of trying? Because having a project to focus on as a team might give their marriage a new nucleus to work on other issues? No, because she'll be an aunt. Come on. As if Savannah's birth canal is anything other than a subject-delivery system for Joss's experiments in pretending to be a grownup for minutes at a time.


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