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Shania, I'm Allergic To Mayo

Joss: "Hey, let's converse about my brother-in-law's semen."

April: "That whore knows you're pregnant."
Savi: "Okay just don't tell her I'm pregnant."
April: "Gotcha."
Savi: "This is not something I can deal with right now."
April: "You have said that in this episode about literally everything you are dealing with. If you're not dealing with any of the things you're dealing with, what are you dealing with?"


Maid: "Mrs. Grey isn't here. She has left the country and is not coming back. Do you want to leave a message for when that never happens?"
Karen: "No, I got the 'message' just fine. I'm batting a thousand as usual. Do you know where any other members of the family might be? I need to cause more problems."


April: "Just getting my keys together. Oh, and I forgot to put on shoes apparently."
Richard: "No problem."
April: "You know that picnics are for white people, correct? And surprises, also."
Richard: "Fine. We're going to a Dodgers game, in a private box, and I made sandwiches."
April: "Oooh, a private box?"
Richard: "Yeah because I'm a sports lawyer? So it's not that big a deal?"

Suddenly, Miranda: "You know what is a big deal? My ten pounds of bullshit."


Dominic: "Did you really go looking for a junior associate position at some other firm?"
Savi: "I can't deal with this right now."
Dominic: "Savannah, you've worked here for ten years. What the fuck? You are gonna get fired."
Savi: "I have been working on getting fired since minute one. You know that."
Dominic: "Still, I fail to see your reasoning."
Savi: "Working here makes me feel like I'm cheating on my husband. Mostly because I tend to cheat on my husband, on the rare occasions I even show up."


Miranda: "You know how you're only giving me some money, instead of all your money?"
April: "I'm aware."
Miranda: "What I would prefer is, if you give me all your money."
April: "That doesn't really work for me."
Miranda: "Is that because you're an asshole?"
April: "No, it's because what are you even talking about? Get out of here with this."

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