The Morning After

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What didn't happen previously on Mistresses? My God, these ladies. Professional psychiatrist Karen Kim slept with and helped euthanized a married patient. Professional attorney-at-law Savannah Davis chose sleeping with her work partner over dumping her shitty husband, taking it down to his level, and in fact starts this week's episode sobbing in the bathroom about her easily rectified -- and even more easily avoided -- quote "problems." Professional widow and throw-pillow purveyor April Malloy found out her husband was not a ghost, but was a babydaddy before he died. And Joss, well, Joss was simply full of shit. Although I will say she is vastly improved this week in many ways.


Six in the morning is a good time for drunk Joss to wander into her sister's kitchen, dressed as Wonder Woman, to slurp some OJ from the carton. I mean, as long as you're owning it -- and it's not my personal OJ -- that's pretty awesome.

Savi: "And what the fuck is happening here, exactly?"
Joss: "I'm drunk in the morning! I got thirsty! I am into sexy cosplay!"
Savi: "Do you understand that this is my house?"
Joss: "I understand that it's a little early -- for you -- and a little late -- for me -- to be getting into some bullshit. Instead, let me show you a dick pic for literally no reason."

For purposes of the Joss/Harry thread -- which again, this week Joss is relatively great -- Savannah does not fess up to her affair right away, so Joss saunters out of there looking pretty much totally insane, which Savannah pretty much totally loves. And then, back to staring out the window and feeling awful for a bit before calling Karen, who is dodging a call from the obsessed/adorable Sam Grey, to plan an emotional-processing lunch.


Lucy Malloy, invisible child, appears briefly to say some weird things -- "6 times 8 is 48, ain't that great; 6 times 9 is 54, what a bore!" -- before disappearing once again. She too calls Karen to help her with her problems, which why would you ever do that, so everybody meets up at April's throw-pillow emporium, but April's the one that's running late, because between the ghosts and random babies, she's kind of falling apart.

Karen: "What is the issue here?"
Savi: "I don't know. It's April, it's probably dumb. How are you?"
Karen: "Still taking calls from Sam Grey, the person you advised me as my lawyer to avoid at all costs ever since I slept with and then helped euthanize his father."

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