The Morning After

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Goo-Goo-Gajoo & The Koo-Koo-Katchoo

Joss: "Like I'd ever let him stay over. I'm a free spirit!"
Savi: "That's one word for it."


Harry: "Hello, darling. I have taken the night off to be with you and recommit to each other, just like you want."
Savi: "That's sweet, but fuck off."
Harry: "Seriously? I mean I could not be following your passive-aggressive demands more to the letter."
Savi: "Fine, let's talk. I got something to say."
Harry: "Is it the truth?"
Savi: "It is the wrong part of the truth. I found our sex schedule today and I realized that I hate you."
Harry: "Plenty of couples do that, right before they get divorced. It's normal!"
Savi: "Yeah, but I am not."

Harry: "Well, I'm sorry that I followed your creepy sex schedule, then. Everything's my fault!"
Savi: "Yeah it is, but whenever I start fights with you, you get defensive and have the fight I'm trying to have."
Harry: "You're right. I'm sorry for existing."
Savi: "That means a lot. The point is, we're in a rut. And whether or not it's your fault -- which it isn't, but let's agree that it totally is -- that makes me despise you. And I realized today that a big part of that is how you agreed to have a baby with me."
Harry: "How could I have been so stupid?"
Savi: "And then it was all about the baby. You were reading books to be a good father, and to increase our chances of fertility, and it just made you disgusting to me."
Harry: "That's certainly understandable!"
Savi: "And I realized that the only thing I hate more than you -- and of course myself -- is this imaginary baby. Once we have a child, I will have to act like a parent. An adult. And I would rather die than that. As long as I get to take you down with me."

So they make love, of course, at this point. And Savi's version of being cool is ... not answering Dominic's phone call while her husband is desperately fucking her.

Not entirely a great week for Savannah, all things considered, but it was a rough day! Especially for a person without any actual problems. So I'm sympathetic. She's still the best one.

At this point in the episode, if the show were made ten years ago, there would be a monologue. Some dead lady they used to hang out with, or Meredith Grey, would pipe up and say something like, "So much of our lives are spent taking care of others. But all women have a secret side they rarely share with the world..." and then the camera would pan across their lives as they settle in after a tough day, screwing their husbands or tied-up young men, lighting bonfires in the yard or doodling Sam Grey's name over and over like a hundred times, surrounded by hearts:

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