The Morning After

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Goo-Goo-Gajoo & The Koo-Koo-Katchoo

Savi: "Karen!"
Karen: "I know, I know. Wait, do I? Are you saying I shouldn't call him back? I forget where we left it."
Savi: "It's like the phrase lethal doses of morphine has lost all meaning."
Karen: "Anyway, how are you? How is your womb?"
Savi: "Slutty and depressed. See, it all started when I... "
April: "-- Hey guys! My dead husband Paul had a secret family!"
Savi: "Actually my thing can wait."

April explains that -- once Savi used a private investigator to illustrate for her that ghosts are not real -- she got a visit from the babymama/former ghost impersonator, who showed up with an adorable baby that we're all assuming was Paul's.

April: "That's why she was stalking me, because she wanted to tell me the truth, but I guess it's hard to tell someone over the phone that their entire marriage was a sham, so she decided to do it in person, which would've been a classy move if she wasn't such a gigantic whore..."
Savi: "Wait, how did she know where you live?"
April: "...That is not the most interesting part of this story, Savannah."

"She showed up with the kid. You bet your ass she showed up with the kid. So I had to maintain, and then the second she was gone, I ran upstairs to throw up and cry, and now I look puffy -- don't tell me I don't! -- and my lying husband was a quote 'sack of ass,' and I can't punch him in the face because he's dead and you can't punch a ghost anyway..."

Savi: "I'm prepared to go down this hole with you, but I do want to follow up my previous question, which is how did she know where you live? Here's the narrative I'm seeing. The calls started coming after you cashed the life insurance check..."
Karen: "-- Definitely the best of the story --"
Savi: "...And so now all of a sudden she's showing up at your house? I mean."
April: "I don't understand what you are trying to say. I don't get your point."
Savi: "Maybe this is just some lady working a scam, is the gist."
April: "That seems like a lot of trouble to go through just for money."
Ladies: "No, money is the most important thing in the world. You idiot."
April: "It is true. I would be sad to have less money. What do I do?"
Savi: "I will get my ghost hunting private investigator on it. You chill out. Throw some pillows around or something and I'll call you later."

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