The Morning After

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Karen: "Well, I was just as helpful as usual. Well done, Dr. Kim. Now Savi, you had problems?"
Savi: "No big deal, I cheated on my husband last night. It can wait."
Karen: "Can it?"
Savi: "Yeah, I'll just talk to my husband like we're both grown adults, and we'll work through this together. I mean, between the fertility stuff and our opposite schedules and the stress of running his business, it makes sense we'd show some cracks. Surely we can both be rational about it, I mean, we do honestly love and trust each other."
Karen: "No, no no no. You do the opposite of that. You lie your ass off."
Savi: "...You're a licensed psychiatrist?"

Karen: "It doesn't matter that your marriage is a lie, as long as you spend some time ruminating on why you did this."
Savi: "But like I just told you why I did this. I'm not a complicated woman."
Karen: "Listen to me. This is my professional, absolutely terrible opinion. You sit on this secret until it drives you crazy and the situation explodes."
Savi: "Everything inside me, my conscience as well as my digestive system, is telling me to be a grownup about this."
Karen: "Then you pound some Pepto and you lie your ass off. Copy?"


Harry micromanages Joss's egg-scrambling, because that's the kind of man he is, but also he's a chef and it's his kitchen and his marriage is falling apart so it's not that unrealistic that he would act officious and weird about it, when honestly any one of those three factors would probably do it.

Joss: "Please explain why you and Savi are both being such bitches."
Harry: "Bitches? I am no bitch, bitch."
Joss: "Bitchy. Right there. Why."
Harry: "Is Savi dragging ass too? Man, she's been a downer ever since I emotionally abandoned her and made her feel like my effed-up sperm were her fault and then accused her of sabotaging our marriage with her ambitions."
Joss: "Yeah, she's the worst."
Harry: "I mean, now that I'm saying it out loud it's clearly my fault."
Joss: "Oh, you're suddenly being cool? I can try that."

She does. And it works! She pops up on the counter and immediately starts working on their marriage. I mean, the way she describes it is more like a secret agent -- "I can be an asset, nobody knows Savi better than I do" -- but as a fairly manipulative person myself, that's exactly what you would do when you're trying to help and don't want people to know how desperately you want to help. And the reason for that is, it works. Second only to giving people advice under the guise of talking about yourself -- the greatest of all strategies if you do it right -- is the "let's team up against that person we love," and basically for the same reason. A strong start, Josslyn.

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