The Morning After

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Goo-Goo-Gajoo & The Koo-Koo-Katchoo

Joss: "The most important thing is to move really quickly, because the longer my sister has to think about something, the deeper she digs in, and then what started as a minor issue is now this monumental situation. Do you know, one time she went an entire month without speaking to me because I borrowed her Archie Bunker t-shirt without asking?"
Harry: "That better be in a band, or else you just threw out an utterly random '70s reference that makes no goddamn sense at all. That was like Mad Libs."
Joss: "When were you planning on attacking? Because you have opposite schedules. If somebody doesn't go out of their way to make an effort, you're talking literal days before it gets done. You have the advantage right now of seeming unreasonable and shitty, which means acting like an adult will also come as a surprise. That is power."

Harry gives her the hairy eyeball that means he's totally going to do whatever she says, but before she can settle in and give him more excellent tips -- what is this, is she having a stroke or something where her brain suddenly works? -- Joss's phone rings. A marriage she has yet to ruin.

Shannyn Sossamon: "Guess what, my wife is still a bitch."
Joss: "Guess what, I'm still totally prepared to agree with you on that, even though she's the paying client and also you should never ever do that."
Alex: "I kind of want to hit pause on the house-hunting. It's stressing Sally out."
Joss: "Is it your job to make Big Momma happy?"
Alex: "I didn't fill out a W-2, but yeah. Basically. Also, though, it is literally yours."
Joss: "She's a grownup. Her happiness is her own responsibility, she is in control of it."
Alex: "Have you ever met a lesbian? That is not how we roll. Anyway, you're fired."
Joss: "Cool, can we have lunch?"
Alex: "So you can talk me back into helping you earn your paycheck by making my wife unhappy and my life hell?"
Joss, to her credit: "Essentially."
Alex: "As a woman and a character on this show, I decide yes. I will do this bad idea."


As Dominic's assistant is notifying Savannah of his entire day's schedule, in an oddly timed scene, we swing over to Karen, whose hot coworker Jacob has brought by some coffee. This is the actual thing that she actually says: "Can I ask you a question? Hypothetically speaking, if you knew someone had a crush on you, but you didn't reciprocate those feelings, how would you handle it?"

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