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The Noun Of What Is
Savi: "I knew it was a scam. You stupid bitch, didn't I tell you it was a scam? I mean, I thought he was dead and I made fun of you about it. That part, I am not better than you. But Miranda? Come on, you chump. And you fuckin' fell for it."

Joss: "And you say this motherfucker actually came here to save you from her, explained the entire scam and warned you about the dangers? Putting himself at risk for criminal charges and at considerable risk to his entire existence? What a piece of shit! What an up-front and dignified piece-of-shit thing to do. Why couldn't he have just let her steal all your money? Like a real man would."

Karen: "Or here's an even stupider idea, what if Miranda is telling the truth? Then Paul is somehow the bad guy and you need to tell Miranda a thing she already knows."
April: "That's what I was thinking, too. But to be fair, I believe in ghosts. And health care for children."

Joss: "Both of you, shut up. That's ludicrous. But what's not ludicrous is that maybe he is turning on their con by coming to you, and plans to screw you both."
Ladies: "That actually makes total sense, but we're going to look at you like you're nuts."
Joss: "Okay, um... maybe he'll murder her next and take the money for himself?"
Ladies: "Much more likely than the basically rational shit you were just saying."

Savi: "No, it's all Miranda and Paul is trying to make it right."
April: "But remember that child lawyer she sent over with those results?"
Savi, stroking her chin: "Right, right."
Joss: "No, that could have just been a bluff in turn."
Karen: "That adds up two three liars, then. The lawyer, the bitch and the ghost."
April: "You guys are right. I should really find out the truth."

And that's the bottom line for this brain trust tonight: April needs to find out what is actually going on, so she can then act on that information. Good work, guys.


Dr. Jacob: "Hey, Karen? You look like shit."
Karen: "I know! I feel like shit, too. My friend is having a crisis..."
Dr. Jacob: "Oh right, your 'friend.' The one who knew 'somebody' who had a crush on them and you weren't sure how your 'friend' would react if he or she knew."
Karen: "No, I mean an actual flesh-and-blood chick. April. You know her -- you met her at that party in the ugly house and probably a million times before that because you're my business partner. But whatever."

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