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The Noun Of What Is
Dr. Jacob: "Let me know if I can help."

Karen: "Hey, is Sam Grey a patient of yours now?"
Dr. Jacob: "Why, is that a conflict of interest for some reason you're keeping secret?"
Karen: "...Never mind."


Went hiking without Joss, because she is not feeling this.

Joss: "Is this because I left to take care of my friend?"
Alex: "No, it's because that was a horrific nightmare of wonderful sex."
Joss: "Oh, that? That horrible thing I did to wreck our respective worlds?"
Alex: "Yeah, I am in lesbian love with you. Apparently for a while. Hence me asking you to move in with me and have sex with me. I feel like an asshole."
Joss: "Back up..."
Alex: "We can't be friends anymore. Bottom line."
Joss, correctly: "You just think you want more right now because you're messed up and sad..."
Alex: "No, I'm pretty much exclusively into manipulative pillow queens. This works out mathwise."
Joss: "You're comparing me to Sally now? Because that is some bullshit, we hate her."
Alex: "Not about that, it's about... me, internally. How I feel about you. Not who you are but how I respond to you."

This is the part where Joss starts crying -- and begging -- which I didn't see coming and makes this scene ten times more intense.

Alex: "You make me feel safe..."
Joss, whispering: "Come on. Please don't do this?"
Alex: "You have no idea how incredible you are."

Then she just kind of leaves her there.

I'm of two minds. On the one hand, ouch -- too close to home, from both directions -- but also it seems like 2013 is a bit early in the morning to do this story without clanging out a couple of faulty echoes, like: This is also the story where the clingy lesbian emotionally abandons -- essentially abuses -- the pretty blonde girl we love, for not giving her what she wants. For not being born that way. Tale as old as time.

And I know that's not the intention -- this is, bizarrely, the most human and realistic and subtle storyline on the show, along with Harry's ambivalence -- but you have a certain duty when you tell the stories of my people that you go in knowing every echo and reflection of the story that you're telling -- everything that's gone before.

So I am sticking with the story as told and it's great if you are up to the challenge, but there's a little bit of an asterisk there. And I can't help but wonder if part of the weirdness has to do with last week's beautiful party slut meltdown/recovery story being too good.

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