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The Noun Of What Is

A TV season is broken out as a whole, into parts, before the writing begins: "This is the episode where Alex finally leaves Sally, this is the episode where Joss flips out and Alex puts her back together, this is the episode where Alex determines she has feelings." And I feel like if Alex hadn't been so all-encompassingly rational and caring last week, if it hadn't been so moving and safe and non-romantically intimate, this here would feel like less of a cliché (to the bare extent that it even does) this week.

Do you know what I'm saying? Hell, maybe the show just has me and I'm reacting to what's actually happening, you see that all the time, fans converting their emotional response into an intellectual critique, to feel like they're getting back control. But I don't feel like I really do that much and it's not even a criticism: None of the moving parts need to change and both scripts are doing their best -- which is very good -- but just... or maybe it's not even the script before, maybe it's the chemistry between the actors or Alex's performance itself, but something here feels like it's going a little bit backwards, and there's not a story reason for it to feel that way.

But then people are messy like that in real life, too: We know the right thing to say so we say it and then later on we realize we weren't as strong or as open as we were saying we were. Whatever it is, I've loved all the Alex stories (since the rope), both technically and personally, so that's on record. That little asterisk just always bugs me when I can't figure out what's causing the effect. So I say: It is slightly too much quality, slightly up the timestream. We can live with that.


April writes a check for five hundred grand, which you shouldn't even do that much, and then leaves Miranda a message to come get it. A trap! A honey trap! The best kind. Then she calls Paul, who presumably is sitting next to Miranda while this is happening, and schedules a meeting with him too.


Savi: "What are you doing here?"
Joss: "I need to talk to you. Not about April, although how crazy is that. Can I ask your advice?"
Savi: "Hell YEAH! Is Alex sick and dying?"
Joss, verbatim: "You are horrible! And dark!"
Savi: "Okay sorry, I am running hot these days. Let's discuss it loudly in the hallway."

Joss: "So I fucked her again..."

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