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The Noun Of What Is
Harry: "I love you, Savi..."

She -- oh, it's terribly sad to see -- immediately starts whispering in that Carver Sisters way we saw earlier, no no no no, come on, don't do this, and her lip immediately starts quivering, and it's so much worse that she already sees the end of the conversation from where she's standing. There is nothing sadder in this episode than seeing those two girls watch the planes fly over -- closer and closer -- to drop the loneliness bomb on them.

Harry: "I want to be with you. And I have searched my soul to see if I can get past this and I can. I can picture us raising a child together, like none of this ever happened."
Savi: "We'll be a family?"
Harry: "Yes. But only with a white baby."
Savi: "I realize the odds are not good, but you may have noticed I play fast and loose with probability."
Harry: "I don't, though."
Savi: "Harry? What are you saying here, exactly."
Harry: "It's an ultimatum. The kind of person that says 'we need to talk' is obviously going to be comfortable with issuing ultimata. Even to a baby."
Savi: "You know the baby doesn't speak English, right? Or know what an ultimatum is?"
Harry: "Basically, those paternity results are eventually (one day) going to arrive. And then you, Savi, will have a choice to make."
Savi: "You cannot possibly be saying what it..."

Harry leans down and speaks directly to her stomach: "Either you are a white baby, or we're getting an abortion. Or else I am out of here. So you better work on being my baby if you know what's good for you."


April: "More coffee, bitch?"
Miranda: "No, I have to head back to my life. As usual, I'm being weirdly friendly and charming."
April: "As usual, I'm side-eyeing the universe when you do that."
Miranda: "So about that money. Could you stop dicking around?"
April: "Right. Here it is, in your hand."
Miranda: "Listen, thank you so much. Hugs?"

Paul walks in. Amazing.

Miranda: "Fuck are you doing here?"
April: "That's a certain amount of surprise but not back from the dead surprise. Thanks for confirming who the asshole is in this situation."

She snaps that check out of girlfriend's hand so fast it leaves a papercut. APRIL MALLOY! GETTING SHIT DONE. Love that girl.

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