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The Noun Of What Is

Paul: "Lucy, you have some splaining to do."


Olivier: "The Germans! They are not punctual. What's wrong, by the way?"
Joss: "Wicked personal problems."
Olivier: "You want to talk about it?"
Joss: "Are you kidding me?"
Olivier: "I am never kidding. It is you who are always kidding."
Joss: "I am a total flake, that much is true."
Olivier: "You're different lately. You can tell me why."
Joss: "Okay, but you're going to be all Olivier about it. My... I have a friend who doesn't want to be friends anymore."
Olivier: "This person is important to you?"
Joss: "This is the single most important person in my life. This is the most important relationship I have ever had."
Olivier: "Then you have no problem. Because you are not a quitter. The thing that makes us awesome is the thing that makes us suck, always. I know you -- and what irritates me about you -- pretty well, and so I'm telling you that these things are the reason you will find a way to hold onto this thing you love."


Lerner: "So Sam Grey canceled his appointment. Don't know why. Do you know the kid?"
Karen: "Define these words. 'Appointment,' 'know.'"
Lerner: "Never mind. He is just really fucked in the head, is my diagnosis, and I hope if he's not talking to me he's talking to somebody. Do you know his mother? A lot of it is about her, obviously."
Karen: "I mean, kinda. We killed her husband together and scammed an insurance company and ate lunch every day together for a few months, but I mean, who knows anybody, really? Do I know you? Do you know me? Do you know Lila?"
Lerner: "Just call the Widow Grey. Sam's on a fuckin' ledge. Whoever the mystery woman is that used her power and authority to get in this kid's head really did a number on him."
Karen: "Well, she sounds just awful."


April: "Oh my God this is amazing. I hope they never stop screaming at each other."
Miranda: "We just needed money! For our son!"
Paul: "If you want money so damn much go get a job!"
Miranda: "Scamming people is my job! Plus I'm a mother! Our son!"
Paul: "April held down a job and produced the finest child anyone has ever..."

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