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The Noun Of What Is

They stare at each other and then abruptly leave and then Joss decides to make a huge fucking deal about it because Alex is reacting too much like an adult would. And because somehow this is going to be all about her.


April: "You just died and this is crazy, so here's a facepunch. Now let me into your ghost motel."
Paul: "I guess I deserve that for wrecking your life and your hold on reality, not once but several times."
April: "That was for cheating on me the first time! We are still back in '09, facepunch-wise."


Savi: "He'll be at the next one, he promises. He's just so busy all the time. He says when he comes to the next one he's gonna buy me a baseball mitt. He owns a helicopter and a very fast motorcycle. Sometimes he lets me drive it."
Doc: "Honey, tell the truth. Is your husband even real?"
Savi: "Yeah, real awful."

Doc: "You wanna hear the heartbeat?"
Savi: "You can hear that this early?"
Doc: "Only in Texas!"

Savannah elects to hang on for the next visit to listen to the heartbeat, so Harry will know exactly what his own heart sounds like breaking, on the off chance a medical miracle has not taken place and they are having someone else's baby. I would like to imagine that during the ultrasound, the baby will come up close to the monitor and then make punching motions at Harry so he knows he is in trouble.


Paul: "Have a seat! And tell me all about our daughter I abandoned."
April: "Still barfing! Presumably because you suck. Explain your ass."
Paul: "Remember that time I bought Lucy Princess Jasmine pajamas for Christmas?"
April: "I do I enjoyed sharing the experience of imposing our gender norms on Lucy."
Paul: "I lost my job that week."
April: "So you faked your fucking death? That escalated quickly."

Paul: "So then picture three months of me faking an elaborate employment, while skipping off to Orlando with money we didn't have so I could fuck a white lady pregnant."
April: "Picturing it. Cute bastard, by the way. Go on. Less about the interesting facts on how you died and came back to life, more about how dare you cheat on me."
Paul: "I don't know if you've seen this show before, but essentially me cheating on you was your fault. You're so perfect and popular and pretty that I had no choice but to sabotage everything."

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