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The Noun Of What Is
April: "A compelling argument, one must admit."

Paul: "And but then I realized I was being a piece of shit, so I wanted to get out of it, but that lady was pregnant. I faked my death to pay you off, basically. Since I was a failure professionally and a husband, I thought money would help."
April: "Oh, it did. I even named my shoppe after the sea that took you from us. But it still seems selfish to me that you would leave two women to mourn you and raise your kids, just because you felt kinda weird."
Paul: "Oh, about that. Miranda is totally in on this whole plan. I choose her. Did I not make that clear? I've been living with them for the past three years."

You know, I wasn't too impressed with what we've seen of Scottie. He's three, adorable, not a lot more you could ask of him. But compared to the occasionally annoying greatness of Lucy, I found him lacking. Little did I know that he was capable of the acting job of a century. Not only is Miranda incredible for pulling this shit off, but Scottie too? I don't know if you know any three-year-olds, but they don't have like a wide range of conversational topics. Mommy, Daddy, ketchup, noises, certain animals: That's it, that's all they're working with. They must have really trusted him to keep his little bastard mouth shut.


Savi: "Not to be weird, but could you walk this paperwork two yards in a southerly direction to Dominic, my work partner?"
Hot Redhead: "Um, the one standing right there? So close he can hear you?"
Savi: "Bitch, don't start with me. Just fucking do it or I'll pants you."
Hot Redhead: "Everybody always says how you're so nice and normal, but right now ma'am you are 0 for 2."
Savi: "Yeah, for being the best one I'm also kind of the worst ever. Also, it's not clear in this scene, but this paperwork is actually a whole new 100-percent fucked-up thing I'm doing."


Paul: "Okay, for the twentieth time, Miranda is my real wife and I don't love you anymore and I've been living in Florida."
April: "I don't get it! I don't understand what you're saying!"
Paul: "Literally could not be simpler. Just don't call her and piss her off, she would hate that I'm talking to you. She gets jealous of me talking to my wives that are not her."
April: "Still not getting it! You scammed me out of this money?"

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