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The Noun Of What Is
Dominic: "So you still don't know. Just confirming that this is the most mind-blowingly inappropriate thing you've done yet."
Savannah: "I just want everything squared away well before it happens. For the baby!"
Dominic: "For your crazy, lady. Don't fool yourself -- this is entirely about your best interests and nobody else's. I'm not signing shit. Later. Oh and P.S., do let me know if I have a child when you decide to find that out for sure."

Savannah really should have chosen a faster-moving paternity testing center. Surely there's one that can do a DNA test before the baby is actually born, at which point we must squeamishly admit that a lot of questions will go ahead and answer themselves.

Savannah: "Hey April, I don't have time to do any ghostbusting you with this evening, I have a million problems I've created for myself and I need to think of more ways to make them even worse. Can I ca... Motherfuck! Are you serious?"


Alex: "Freshly fucked and wearing my shirt almost completely twisted around backwards, how about you?"
Joss: "I'm thinkin' Chinese. Hey, who's calling my phone?"
Alex: "Your sister. I love being married!"
Joss: "Let's let it ring a few times."
Alex: "I love it when you're passive-aggressive."

Joss: "What? Holy shit, I'm on my way."
Alex: "What is happening?"
Joss: "Uh, April is having a problem I would explain to you if I understood it, but I have to go right now. Are you going to be okay?"
Alex: "Yes, let's leave the heartbroken lesbian all alone to simmer in her bad decisions and our relationship we (you) may have just stupidly wrecked. I guess we can hope you'll have a home to come back to later."
Joss: "Free spirit! Peace!"


Joss: "I'm glad he isn't dead, so now I can KILL him."
Karen: "I just can't picture any of this. Does he look the same? Does he have the same social security number? His car tags, are they up to date?"

Everybody watches her melt down for a while -- all frowny and sad -- while Savi soaks up her pain like a vampire with a baby in it.

Karen: "Did you cry when you saw him? What face did your face make? Sometimes I have to use index cards to remember what emotion is which. I have them in my purse if you want to mayb..."

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